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Consulting Services To Be Future Ready

Salesforce consulting services refers to specialised advice by experienced professionals to companies looking to be future ready with a great tech stack. This consultancy encompasses a range of solutions, such as list of tools needed by the business to be 21st century ready, customising the existing Salesforce org to support the current/future business needs, deploying new Salesforce tools, and so on

Salesforce consulting services assist businesses to streamline their operations, enhance client engagement, and fuel revenue growth. The consultants collaborate with customers to identify their specific needs, analyse current Salesforce org, and suggest personalised ideas to augment the platform's performance.

Salesforce consulting services empower business of different sizes and industries, startups to large enterprises, to harness the power of Salesforce and meet their business goals. Salesforce Consultancy services are delivered by certified Salesforce professionals who are experienced in this domain over the years.

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Salesforce Consulting Services

Discover the Full Potential Of Salesforce With The Best CRM Consultants

An experienced & resourceful Salesforce consultants assist companies to meet their business goals with unique solutions that are relevant to their business and needs. Below are the ways in which Salesforce consultants enable companies to unlock the power of Salesforce:

Personalised Salesforce solutions: Salesforce consultants suggest unique Salesforce solutions that are relevant to a business and their needs. No cookie-cutter approach.

Data management and analysis: Businesses manage their entire database within Salesforce thanks to help from Salesforce consultants. Salesforce consultants enables businesses to review the information to obtain valuable insights that help in formulating strategies, plans and remedial steps.

Salesforce training and support: Ensuring user adoption is a top priority of Salesforce consultants. This is attained by customised training sessions as per role & department, and comprehensive support services so that the business can focus on growing while leaving all Salesforce related tasks to the professionals.

Scalability and growth: A top priority of the Salesforce consultants is to help a company set up a roadmap for the future and growth. This includes making sure that the Salesforce implementation is scalable and is ready for growth. This incorporates using best practices for data management, making sure that workflows are efficient & robust, and boosting the performance of the org.


Challenges of CRM Implementation Our Salesforce Consulting Services Can Resolve

Inefficiency in the sales process results in low sales. We leverage Salesforce Sales Cloud to transform your sales process. To maximise process automation, we advise the usage of default Salesforce functionality or using code-based customizations. It enables the setting up of a defined sales process & reveals how it’s followed, with sales personnel being guided on how to notch up sales. Salesforce consulting could result in a 26% win-rate enhancement & a 28% sales revenue uptick.

The customer’s disconnect is high thanks to the lengthy case resolution. Codleo transforms your client service quality by using the default or custom case management functionality of Salesforce Service Cloud. We show you how to use its mechanisms of automated case assignment, prioritisation, and escalation that result in an increase in the service agents’ productivity. The result is 31% faster problem resolution.

Prospect conversion % low. Our consulting services advise you on how to increase prospect conversion % with super omnichannel marketing campaigns & starting digital advertising with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud functionality. We help with curating incredible client communication scenarios. Communicate with a large audience in a personalised & relevant way, that results in a minimum 30% uptick in prospect conversion.


We make your business our business and resolve all your issues via our Salesforce professional services. Our Salesforce consulting services will help you in choosing the right Salesforce product and version as per your requirements. As leading Salesforce consulting companies in India, we also help companies in strategizing how to implement Salesforce products successfully into their business processes. If you are already using Salesforce CRM, we as Salesforce Consulting Partners will help you in adopting and making a better ROI by providing the right Salesforce Consulting services around best practices and industry trends.

Help you in selecting the product not only for current business needs, but also for an organization which is growing with changing needs with the correct version of the product.

Salesforce Consulting services provide CRM consultation at every step of the Salesforce implementation.

We as Salesforce Consulting Partners will correct documentation of CRM Project objectives, develop prototype and Intermediate progress sign-offs.

Intensive engagement sessions with every stakeholders to identify requirements, pain points and challenges

Salesforce Consulting Vendor helps in data analysis in terms of its quantity, quality and usage

Transform the overall user and business experience with Salesforce Consulting services.

As a Salesforce Consulting Firm we will recognize the transformative power of CRM; make the process flexible to adopt best practices.

Our Salesforce Consultants will plan change management and CRM deployment strategy for deploying CRM systems spanning multiple geographic regions due to differences in business practices.

Ensure an easy to use and quick CRM system with Codleo, a Salesforce Consulting Partner


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Salesforce Consulting Services

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Products On Salesforce

Salesforce consulting partners
Project Management Application on Salesforce® Platform

The solution of team, skills, techniques, planning, and execution to achieve all of the project goals

salesforce conslting services
Vendor Management Application powered by Salesforce®

Look after the flow of goods from manufacturers to the warehouse bin to the sales order

Salesforce consulting partners
Recruitment & HR solutions application
by Codleo

Robotize the hiring team to track applications and manage talent with cutting-edge proprietary technology

salesforce consulting services
Daily Travel & Expense Management

Gear up for employee-initiated expenses remotely with fully automated suite to save time & effort

Discover how Salesforce Consulting
Services is a game changer

Feedback from our clients

"I was really impressed with the turnaround speed of the Salesforce Consulting Services team and the fact that they were always invested in finding out the best solutions as per business requirement and tailored the product accordingly. Their development team works 24X7 hence the quick turnarounds"

Project Coordinator, University

"We had an excellent experience with the highly skilled Salesforce Consulting Services team who made our professional life easy and balance when it comes to business goals and accuracy of the services we deliver to our clients"

CEO, Immigration Company

"Codleo’s Salesforce Consulting Services team has dedicated quality consultants and Sr. Developers who have the capability to deliver complex projects"

CEO, Healthcare Company

"It was a very wonderful experience to work with Codleo and its Salesforce Consulting Services team. Codleo was very helpful for our company from the Salesforce® platform set up to implementation and customization- CODLEO proved what it committed."

CTO, Manufacturing Company


FAQ - Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce consulting services provide expert guidance and support from skilled consultants who specialize in Salesforce solutions. They offer tailored strategies, implementation, customization, integration, and ongoing support to help businesses maximize their Salesforce investment. With deep knowledge and experience, Salesforce consultants assist in optimizing processes, improving sales and marketing operations, enhancing customer engagement, and achieving overall business growth. Partnering with Salesforce consultants ensures a successful Salesforce implementation and a strategic approach to leveraging the platform's capabilities.

It is a broad term that covers everything from advisory to project implementation/migration/customization to training & support services. They help a business to be future-ready with tech tools that deliver productivity, efficiency, and customer delight.

A Salesforce consultant needs to study intensively, do a proper Salesforce course, train with a consultancy, and get certified by passing an exam. This is the beginning of a career as a Salesforce consultant.

The role is to engage & communicate with all concerned teams in a business, and understand their needs, challenges, and pain points. They therefore brainstorm and produce a plan of action that includes onboarding a host of tech tools (with customizations) that solve the pain points and makes the business future ready.

Choosing the best Salesforce Consultant means opting for one who has years of experience (especially in your trade), has a great CSAT score, and is a Summit Tier Partner as these markers ensure the best in the business are your partners in the journey.

The best Salesforce consultant partners are those who have reached the Summit Tier partnership level, have years of experience in the Salesforce universe, and have a large team of certified Salesforce personnel. Plus, they have a good customer satisfaction score as well.

Yes there is a big demand for Salesforce consultants worldwide. This has to do with the increasing demand for Salesforce ecosystem ( products and services ) for businesses looking to transform their businesses to be future ready and ahead of other companies. Salesforce consulting ensure that the right guidance sets the company on the right path.

As we all know, CRM is one of the most important tools for the success of any business. Salesforce consulting partners analyze in depth the prevailing and even future business trends in the market and customize the customer relationship strategies accordingly.

Salesforce consulting partners are invaluable allies for businesses seeking to leverage the full potential of the Salesforce platform. With their expertise and experience, they provide strategic guidance, implementation support, and tailored solutions to help businesses optimize their Salesforce investments. Whether it's configuring the platform, integrating systems, or developing custom applications, Salesforce consulting partners bring the necessary skills and knowledge to drive business growth and success.

Yes 100%. A good Salesforce Consulting Partner can help you reach your goals and take your business to a next level.

There are different ways to locate a Salesforce Consultant who is appropriate for you. These ways are:

  1. Contact your Salesforce regional office and let them refer a few to you
  2. Your business and social networks & connections as they may recommend a consultant
  3. Social media sites such as LinkedIn

Hiring a Salesforce consultancy will cost you between $15-$100 per hour. The Per hour rates varies depending on type of resources, certified resources, years of experience and location.

No, not all consulting partners are the same as one another. Every partner has different capabilities, resources and skill set. Some provide all Salesforce services, others provide only selected services. So every consulting partner is different in its own way.

With a highly experienced and certified team, Codleo is growing and expanding its business faster than other Salesforce Consulting firms. We provide the complete Salesforce Solutions including consulting, implementation, integration, lightning migration, training and support services.

Role of Salesforce Consulting Partners are:

  • Helps in Salesforce implementation and customization
  • Will help you in delivering quick and measurable results
  • Helps in generating more leads
  • Will help you in fulfilling the client’s requirements
  • Will provide better insights and increased ROI

Following are some of the points to keep in mind when finding the right Salesforce Consulting Partner for your organization:

  • Consult the nearby Salesforce office and ask them some suggestions for the right partner as per your requirement
  • Always look for a company with certified team
  • Check the experience and projects of the consulting partner
  • Check the knowledge by asking different questions
  • Certified professionals will help you in saving the employee’s productivity
  • Help you in saving more time and money
  • Will solve the problems more efficiently and effectively
  • Help in increasing the ROI of the organization
  • Will also provide training and support to the team

A Salesforce Consulting partner is a licensed partner of Salesforce Inc. They conduct a detailed study of the business, their processes, and goals, comprehend pains/challenges/ and opportunities for technologies to enable their growth, and possess the technical know-how to create and / or execute solutions to improve processes and performance. They present a detailed report on their findings and the road ahead. This is consulting per se.

Salesforce consulting firms help in delivering an outstanding customer experience, enabling them to work faster and more productively, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs. With consulting firms you can transform your overall customer experience and work together in devising an integration strategy that will help your organization grow.

Questions? We're here to help.