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We Provide you Salesforce® Sales Cloud Services

Get your sales team to sell more and epitomize efficiency with our Salesforce Sales Cloud Services. Salesforce Sales Cloud is the genie that all sales personnel need. It automates the sales process and helps the sale team to notch sales, drive ROI, and become productive. Our track record in Salesforce Sales Cloud Services is impeccable with the use of best practices by an experienced team. As a leading provider of Salesforce Sales Cloud Services, our services strengthen businesses with robust sales processes thanks to smooth implementation, integration, and management of the Sales Cloud.

Codleo assists businesses to get valuable insights for smarter decision-making by deploying Sales analytics and linking sales, service, and marketing teams as a unified force.

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Salesforce® Sales Cloud

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Sales teams globally could do with allies that make their tough life simpler. This is where we step in with our intensive knowledge & experience in CRM, and Salesforce solutions. Our brilliant team setup, configure and personalize the Salesforce Sales Cloud to deliver enhanced sales & a constant uptick in revenue. We deliver a digital ally that streamlines your workflows and processes so you are a paragon of productivity.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultation

Need advice on how to improve sluggish sales? Our experienced Sales Cloud consultants engage and understand your pain points & needs. These certified consultants then create a roadmap. Our engagement helps in pinpointing the areas for automation in your Sales cloud that help you achieve your business goals.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Codleo is the best Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation partner. We ensure a smooth & seamless implementation that addresses the unique challenges with custom solutions. Our Sales Cloud experts provide solutions to enable you to laugh all the way to the bank with enhanced profits. Our pain staking approach is just what businesses need in their quest for efficiency.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

We have the expertise in a smooth integration of the Sales Cloud with your existing tech stack. We will also assist in integration with any new digital tools you need for your business to thrive.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization

Salesforce products are popular because they come with high levels of customization. We can customize your org as per your business needs and challenges, so that you have an org that is just as unique as your business & you. Customizations can be as per departments and profiles.

Image of Saleforce Sales Cloud Customization

How Does Salesforce® Sales Cloud Help to Sell?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a terrific tech tool that assists sales departments to manage their sales processes in the best way that delivers results. Below are its leading features that give wings to the sales team:


Park client and lead data in a centralised place, with a holistic view of your sales pipeline. Search client information like contact details, interaction history, and purchase history easily.


It allows users to capture leads from different sources & allocate them to specific sales personnel. Monitor the progress of every prospect & leverage tool like lead scoring & lead nurturing to grade & qualify prospects for follow-up.


Handles sales opportunities with a holistic view of every deal, including what stage it is in the sales cycle, the value of each opportunity, and the likelihood of the deal being closed successfully.


Sales Cloud delivers realistic sales forecasts, thanks to real-time information weaned from the sales pipeline. Meaningful plans & decisions are now a reality.


A plethora of reports and dashboards are now at hand to take data-driven decisions. They are easy to comprehend and visually pleasing.


Collaborate and communicate with different teams smoothly and efficiently. No more silos. Communicate with different departments, share files, and monitor progress on deals. How cool is that!

Take Your Sales Cloud to the Next Level with the Salesforce® AppExchange

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the premier customer relationship management (CRM) tool, curated to assist firms of different sizes organise their sales processes, close deals quicker, and enhance client relationships. With Sales Cloud, you can handle your sales cycle from end to end, from prospect generation , opportunity management & pipeline forecasting. With features like personalised dashboards & reports, cell phone access, and artificial intelligence-powered insights, Sales Cloud allows sales team to work efficiently & productively. Thanks to the Salesforce AppExchange, users can increase the functionality of Sales Cloud with a vast range of pre-built apps & integrations.

Considering taking your Sales Cloud experience a notch higher, the Salesforce AppExchange is the ideal starting point. With a range of apps & integrations created to improve your sales processes, you can speedily access the tools you require to optimize your workflows & convert more opportunities. With the capability to personalize & design business applications on the Salesforce Platform, curated solutions that address unique situations, problems & challenges is a piece of cake.

Discover how Salesforce Sales Cloud can transform your sales processes and drive business growth today.

Advantages of Salesforce® Sales Cloud

Customisation of the Sales Process

Accurate Forecasting

More Opportunities to Sell

Enhance Team Productivity

Streamline Processes & Workflows

Reduces the Sales Cycle

Vertical Solutions

Salesforce Industry Vertical Solutions

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Run your whole business on a single platform

Grow every part of your company business with the complete Salesforce® suite of business applications. Monitor and manage everything from sales leads to support tickets, and from channel marketing to website analytics — all from any desktop or device.

Sales in Salesforce Sales Cloud
Web sales in salesforce

Salesforce® Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management platform designed to support in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) contexts. It enables businesses to grow, scale, and serve their customers better than ever before. With customizable features, top-notch security, in-depth reporting & analytics, and a mobile app that works as fast as you do, Sales Cloud is the World's #1 CRM.

Company with a heartService Cloud
Web service in salesforce

Salesforce® Service Cloud is a customer service platform to help you get faster and reliable case resolution. It lets you deliver smarter service with a 360-degree view customer, resolve issues across any channel, and increase CSAT. It offers the most complete customer service platform with features and capabilities that include service console, omni-channel routing, social media customer service, self-service, live chat, and more.

Logo of Salesforce marketingMarketing Cloud
Marketing screen in Salesforce

Salesforce® Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for marketers that allows them to create and manage marketing relationships & campaigns with customers. The Marketing Cloud incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social media, web personalization, advertising, content creation, content management and data analysis.

Salesforce communityCommunity Cloud
Salesforce Community

An online community is a great platform to connect with customers, partners, and employees in a new and different way. Partner Relationship management: Grow and scale by connecting your channel partners to Salesforce® automation and Self-Service: Improve the customer experience by giving customers an online destination to access business data, process, content and experts B2B Commerce: Use the power of Salesforce® platform to create custom applications specific to your business.

Heart of SalesforceHealth Cloud
Salesforce health cloud

Enable healthcare teams to collaborate seamlessly from a single point of engagement for all patient data. With intelligent technology, you’ll be able to maximise efficiency while delivering exceptional patient experiences. Connect to patients with a single engagement platform that helps them access the right services faster and drives higher satisfaction, all while reducing your operational costs.

Salesforce universityHeigher Ed
Salesforce data architecture HEDA

EDA is a community-driven data architecture and set of best practices designed to configure Salesforce® out of the box for Higher Ed institutions. EDA makes it even easier for an institution of any size to become a Connected Campus and enables richer and dynamic, 1-to-1 engagement across the student journey.

Salesforce analyticsEinstein Analytics
Salesforce analytics

Einstein Analytics allows you to explore all of your data quickly and easily by providing AI-powered advanced analytics, right in Salesforce®. It brings actionable insights to the business user.Create Analytics datasets and produce useful charts from those datasets. With Analytics charts, you can transform tables of data into beautiful and informative visuals that won't require your audience to do math in their heads.

Recieving cashQuote-to-Cash
salesforce cpq

Quote-to-Cash begins with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)—configuring the offer, developing the appropriate pricing, and creating the quote. It continues on through negotiations, invoicing, payment, and even renewals and renegotiations.

iOT Cloud

Salesforce services

App Cloud

Salesforce services
Salesforce shoppingCommerce Cloud
Salesforce - commerce

Commerce Cloud is the world's leading B2C and B2B commerce solution. It is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels — mobile, social, web, and store. B2B Commerce empowers you to generate revenue faster, and scale easily as your brand grows. B2C Commerce solution provides a rich set of capabilities, including marketing, merchandising, content, promotions, customer service, fulfilment, and artificial intelligence.

Salesforce welfareNon-Profit Success
Salesforce- non profit

Salesforce®.org empowers tens of thousands of nonprofits and educational institutions through technology, grants, and volunteering programs. Streamline fundraising processes and manage mission objectives in real time. Seamless volunteer management; NPSP empowers nonprofits with the ability to track all volunteer jobs, allow volunteers to sign up directly for shifts online and match volunteer skills to opportunities available.

Mule Salesforce ConnectorMulesoft
Mulesoft Salesforce

Salesforce® Integration solution – “MULESOFT” connects Salesforce® to enterprise applications in the cloud or on-premises with Anypoint Platform. Mulesoft provides easy-to-use development environment in order to increase productivity and lower development cost.

Salesforce messages Pardot-Marketing Automation
Salesforce marketing automation tool pardot

Pardot provides a full solution that helps marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Build intelligent, data-driven programs that generate new leads and speed up your sales cycle - all while allowing customers to forge their own path to purchase.

Salesforce manufacturingManufacturing Cloud
Manufacturing screen in Salesforce

Manufacturing Cloud, the newest industry-specific product from Salesforce®, delivers a new level of business visibility and collaboration between the sales and operations of a manufacturing company. This allows them to have a better view of their customers through new sales agreements and account-based forecasting solutions, providing visibility into their customer interactions and enabling them to generate more robust sales forecasts.

Wave Anlytical

Salesforce service cloud dashboard

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Why Choose Codleo Consulting?

Out of the many Salesforce partners, why should you choose us? Here is why:

Specialists in Sales Cloud

Vast experience and domain knowledge

Pocket-friendly pricing options

100% Salesforce certified   team

Specialists in Marketing Cloud

Vast experience and domain knowledge

Pocket-friendly pricing options

100% Salesforce certified team

Intellectual Property Rights rest with you

Collaborative and innovative

Salesforce Summit Tier   Partner

Training and support services

Intellectual Property Rights rest with you

Collaborative and innovative

Salesforce Summit Tier Partner

Training and support services

Case Studies

Learn how Codleo helped these companies leverage Salesforce to significantly improve their business.

Our client is a global provider of consulting, support, and managed services for insurance firms...


Our customer is an award-winning firm in the domain of business intelligence...


It is an e-learning platform for children (kindergarten to 12th grade)...


Our client is a premier institute in Design, Fashion, Business, and Media...


Our client is a family-run medium scale enterprise...


Our customer is a digital used-car buying & selling portal...


Our client is a behavioural agency specialising in care & therapy for children...


Our customer is a corporate group that operates private universities across continents...


Our client is an executive education enabler connecting leading universities...


Our client is a group of retail experts providing cloud-based point of sale software...


our client is a Delhi based non - governmental organization...

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FAQ - Salesforce® Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based tool that enables sales personnel sell smarter & quicker by unifying client data, logging their engagement with your brand, and automating a host of workflows & processes to improve productivity and efficiency.

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based application designed to help your salespeople sell smarter and faster by centralizing customer information, logging their interactions with your company, and automating many of the tasks salespeople do every day. This means they’ll spend less time on administration and more time closing deals. For sales managers, Sales Cloud gives real-time visibility into their team’s activities, so forecasting sales with confidence is easy. As a Salesforce Partner we help you to understand the system by offering you support services.

Answer by: Anand Sharma

Here are some benefits of the Salesforce Sales Cloud:

  • Customization of the sales process
  • Accurate forecasting
  • More opportunities to sell
  • Enhance team productivity and efficiency
  • Streamline processes & workflows
  • Reduction in the sales cycle
Answer by: Mohit Sharma

There are a host of functions & features contained within the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Here are some of them:

  • Reports & dashboards- Get all the data & metrics needed to review team performance and get insights that can be used to take meaningful actions.
  • Products and Price Books- They allow drawing up rules to price points for products & services, and working with different currencies.
  • Einstein- It gives sales management AI-powered analytical capabilities.
  • Tasks and Events Management- Sales personnel are more efficient with their activities with a formidable activity timeline, present in the Lightning UI version.
Answer by: RS Maan

Service Cloud assists businesses that sell services and/or products to provide quality & seamless service that leads to customer delight and increased customer loyalty, whereas Sales Cloud helps the sales team in companies to convert more leads into paying customers aiding in increased business and revenue.

Answer by: Rahul Ray

Security is paramount to Salesforce Inc and in its many products. It has a robust data security policy and practices in place. It uses different methods to ensure that your information is safe & secure. For more information, speak to us.

Answer by: Anand Sharma

  • Close more deals - Sales Cloud helps you keep track of all your customer information and interactions in a single place that’s accessible from anywhere, any time. Always have the most up-to-date contact information, find experts inside your organization to quickly answer customer questions, and see all relevant customer activities to move deals forward.
  • Get more leads - Not everyone who visits a site or responds to an email is a lead. Sales Cloud helps nurture those potential customers along until they’re a quality lead who’s ready to buy, then it automatically routes them to the right reps at the right time.
  • Accelerate productivity - Sales Cloud lets you do more, from anywhere. Log calls, respond to hot leads, work opportunities, and check dashboards no matter where you are. Drive even more productivity by automating complex business processes.
  • Make insightful decisions - Sales Cloud dashboards give salespeople a real-time picture of the business at a glance. Detailed customer activity reports help you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determine business priorities, and make smart decisions based on the most up-to-date information.
Answer by: Mohit Sharma

Lightning Experience for Sales Cloud is a whole new user experience that helps salespeople sell smarter, faster, and the way they want. Lightning doesn’t have a tab interface like Aloha does; instead, information is surfaced as needed, so you get it when you need it. Lightning also has a new home page with an Account Insights feature that surfaces any news relevant to your accounts and opportunities, as well as an Assistant feature that prompts your next steps to keep things moving forward. Of course, for users who love the original look and feel, Sales Cloud Classic will still be available.

Answer by: RS Maan

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, so the software scales easily to accommodate every business size, from sole proprietorships to global enterprises. The benefits and advantages of Sales Cloud apply equally to all businesses regardless of size.

Answer by: Rahul Ray