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Codleo Consulting is a premier Salesforce platinum partner for leveraging Salesforce to transform your business and deliver a digital-first experience to your customers. As a leading Salesforce consulting partner, we bring over two decades of expertise in developing and maintaining IT solutions and services.

Our team comprises skilled Developers, Administrators, Product Consultants, and Architects who are adept in Salesforce products, platforms, and the broader ecosystem. We work collaboratively with you to understand your unique needs and tailor Salesforce solutions that drive measurable results.

Our expertise spans a wide range of Salesforce products, including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Nonprofit Cloud. We employ agile methodologies to ensure iterative and phased development, delivering solutions that evolve with your business.

With a strong focus on customer success, we have successfully implemented Salesforce solutions across various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Professional Services, Engineering & Real Estate, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, and Non-Profits.

Partner with Codleo Consulting to embark on your digital transformation journey with Salesforce. Let's innovate, grow, and succeed together.


Salesforce Consulting Services

Our team of certified Salesforce consultants partner with you to leverage the potential of Salesforce multiverse. Our Salesforce Consulting Services is based on an in-depth analysis of your business, its processes and workflows, consultations with all stakeholders as well as identification of issues and definitive business goals.

  • Optimized CRM Strategy & Assessment
  • Streamlined CRM Onboarding Process
  • Customized Salesforce Roadmap Development

Salesforce Implementation Services

Implementing a Salesforce project from scratch requires an experienced hand to ensure that it meets a company’s business goals. It also ensures that Salesforce Implementation Services project runs smoothly & seamlessly. Our Salesforce Implementation Services conforms to the highest standards and best practices.

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud
  • Education Cloud

Salesforce Development Services

Catering to distinct business needs, Codleo Consulting specializes in helping businesses scale their CRM capabilities with the power of the Salesforce platform. Our solutions are developed by certified Salesforce developers and architects, ensuring that your business gets the most out of the Salesforce platform.

  • Custom App Cloud Development
  • AppExchange Product Development
  • Mobile-First Solution Rollout
  • Salesforce Customization

Salesforce Integration Services

Our Salesforce Integration Services delivers a smooth integration with business tools as diverse as WhatsApp, Jira and Quickbooks. Our expertise delivers an integrated tool that enhances productivity and lowers time spent on switching between screens. Salesforce Integration Services ensure a seamless experience, like silk.

  • Tableau Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • DocuSign Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Call Center Integration
  • Outlook Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • SAP Integration
  • Informatica Integration

Migration Services

we specialize in seamless Salesforce migrations, ensuring that your transition is smooth and efficient. Our experts are skilled at identifying functionality gaps and implementing strategic solutions to eradicate challenges such as security risks, data loss, and interruptions in business operations.

Salesforce Support Services

Our comprehensive Salesforce Support Services cover correcting issues, integrating custom features, fixing bugs, training to end users and so on. Our expertise ensures a robust org and its superior performance. Daily org management, issue resolution, upgrades, and enhancements can be challenging for non-Salesforce experts.

  • Managed Services
  • Remote Administrator
  • Production Support and Administration
  • User, Admin, and Management Training

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How We Can Help

Do you want to nurture your clients in a more meaningful manner that yields results? Enhanced ROI? Efficiency and productivity need an uptick? Codleo as a Salesforce Platinum Partner is here to address all of these concerns and challenges. As a Certified Best Salesforce Partner, we make it our mission to ensure that your investment in Salesforce pays off handsomely. Codleo as a Certified Salesforce Platinum Partner harnesses the platform to improve productivity in businesses. As Salesforce Global Partners, we score 4.9 out of 5 on the Salesforce Partner Value Index.

Our ties with Salesforce run deep, enabling Codleo to forge long lasting connections with our clients. We bring our extensive knowledge and expertise in CRM and cloud advisory services. We are experts in application design, customising solutions to our client’s needs, and seamless implementation, integration, and migration processes. Through our collaboration with Salesforce and the power of Codleo, we deliver unparalleled excellence in guiding our clients through their CRM and cloud transformation endeavours as Salesforce Global Partners.

As the Best Salesforce Partner, we enable your company to achieve the desired business goals via the correct roadmaps, technology choices, solution design, and architecture. Our services as Salesforce Global Partners are the best in the market and is reflected in our growing list of customers, services, and products as the Best Salesforce Partner.

Why Choose Us ?

24 x 7

5+ Years Salesforce Platinum Partner

450+ Salesforce Certifications

99.99% Happy

L0, L1, L2 and L3 Salesforce Support Levels

Dedicated Customer Portal

Weekly and Monthly Reports

A Large and Growing Team of Experienced Experts

Feedback from our clients

"I was really impressed with the turnaround speed of the team and the fact that they were always invested in finding out the best solutions as per business requirement and tailored the product accordingly. Their development team works 24X7 hence the quick turnarounds"

Project Coordinator, University

"We had an excellent experience with highly skilled team who made our professional life easy and balance when it comes to business goals and accuracy of the services we deliver to our clients"

CEO, Immigration Company

"Codleo has a team of dedicated quality consultants and Sr. Developers who have the capability to deliver complex projects"

CEO, Healthcare Company

"It was a very wonderful experience to work with Codleo. Codleo was very helpful for our company from the Salesforce® platform set up to implementation and customization- CODLEO proved what it committed."

CTO, Manufacturing Company

"Codleo Support solved all our Pardot queries. We understood functionalities of Pardot. Mayank explained it very well. Thank you for your time."

Healthcare & Life Sciences

"I'm satisfied with the product delivery on time and weekly update. But lack with the admin training to the client for product knowledge"

Financial Services

"Excellent Support and implementation from Codleo team. Awesome support providing by the Codleo Spoc Akshay. Thanks for the support and expecting the same for the future."

Financial Services

"It is amazing to experience this partner know how and determination towards implementation & consulting. They deliver product & services in time. They have the know how of all industries and ability to understand business process very fast."

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  • Low sales due to inconsistent processes. We transform your sales process via our solutions. Sales personnel are empowered to close more deals. You can see an increase in revenue by as much as 28% thanks to our work as the best Salesforce partner.
  • Client disaffection thanks to delays in ticket resolution. Tardy client service has its consequences. We reverse the flow with the aid of tools such as Salesforce Service Cloud as the best Salesforce partner. Improve the customer experience resulting in 30% quicker case resolution. Customer satisfaction is not a mirage.
  • Poor conversion of leads to sales. Marketing Cloud and Codleo to the rescue. We improve your marketing challenges with super omnichannel marketing campaigns as a Salesforce partner. Personalised marketing & relevant messaging is here and results in a 30% increase in leads converting into sales.

Case Studies

Learn how Codleo helped these companies leverage Salesforce to significantly improve their business.

Our client is a global provider of consulting, support, and managed services for insurance firms...


Our customer is an award-winning firm in the domain of business intelligence...


It is an e-learning platform for children (kindergarten to 12th grade)...


Our client is a premier institute in Design, Fashion, Business, and Media...


Our client is a family-run medium scale enterprise...


Our customer is a digital used-car buying & selling portal...


Our client is a behavioural agency specialising in care & therapy for children...


Our customer is a corporate group that operates private universities across continents...


Our client is an executive education enabler connecting leading universities...


Our client is a group of retail experts providing cloud-based point of sale software...


our client is a Delhi based non - governmental organization...


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A Salesforce partner is a consulting firm or organization that specializes in providing Salesforce implementation, customization, integration, and support services. They are certified by Salesforce and possess the expertise to assist businesses in maximizing the value of their Salesforce investment.

Working with a Salesforce partner offers several benefits. They have extensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform, best practices, and industry-specific expertise. They can help you streamline business processes, customize Salesforce to meet your specific needs, provide training and support, and ensure a successful implementation.

When choosing a Salesforce partner, consider factors such as their experience, certifications, industry expertise, client testimonials, and cultural fit with your organization. It's essential to assess their track record, project approach, communication style, and ability to understand your business requirements.

Salesforce partners offer a range of services, including Salesforce implementation, configuration, customization, data migration, integration with other systems, user training, ongoing support, and system optimization. They can also provide strategic guidance, and CRM roadmap planning, and help you leverage advanced Salesforce features and functionalities.

The cost of working with a Salesforce partner can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The size and complexity of your project

  • The level of expertise and experience of the partner

  • The specific services that you need

  • The length of the engagement

Yes, many Salesforce partners provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your Salesforce instance. They can assist with resolving issues, system enhancements, user management, data backups, and regular system health checks.

The duration of a Salesforce implementation project depends on various factors, such as the complexity of your requirements, the size of your organization, the extent of customization needed, and the availability of resources. A typical implementation project can range from a few weeks to several months.

Yes, Salesforce partners have expertise in data migration and can assist in transferring data from your existing systems to Salesforce. They can help with data mapping, cleansing, and ensuring data integrity during the migration process.

There are many benefits of hiring Salesforce partners that accrue to a business. They include:

  • You can focus on your core business leaving all Salesforce related work to the Salesforce partner.

  • All issues and challenges are resolved / avoided by the Salesforce partner during the project.

  • A Salesforce partner ensures a smooth & seamless project implementation.

  • The project is completed within budget and timelines by the Salesforce partner.

  • The Salesforce partner provides training to users and support services that are essential to the project success.

A Salesforce Partner offers a range of Salesforce related services from A to Z. These services include:

  • Salesforce Consulting involves strategize on the pros & process of a successful Salesforce CRM implementation.

  • Salesforce implementation services include configuration, customization, and deployment of the Salesforce solution(s).

  • Salesforce migration services by a Salesforce Partner includes smooth transfer from the Classic to the Lightning version.

  • Salesforce integration services refers to integrating Salesforce CRM or other products with third party apps & systems in use or planning to be deployed by the business.

  • Salesforce support services by a Salesforce Partner keep your Salesforce solutions stable and ensure its fast evolution.

  • Salesforce training services ensure that the user adoption is strong by customised & focused training, and refresher training sessions.

There are certain basic factors that all organisations should consider when choosing Salesforce partners in India. They include:

  • The Salesforce partner should be a Summit Tier Partner (The highest rank for a partner).

  • The Salesforce partner should have a large team of certified and experienced personnel.

  • The Salesforce partner should have a good customer satisfaction. score. This is an assessment of its performance by the clients themselves.

  • The partner should have domain expertise in your industry.

  • The partner has visibility on social media..

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Set up and manage cloud-based CRM applications for sales, service, marketing and more without the aid of IT experts.

The Best Salesforce Partner In India is one who is a Summit tier partner with a high customer satisfaction score. Look for a partner who fulfills both these criteria and proceed further with them.

Whether you are a small or large firm, these are some top qualities of a Salesforce Partner to look before finalizing any company.

  • Certified Salesforce Employees

  • A partner with diverse experience

  • CSAT Score

  • Salesforce Partner Status

  • Compatible & understanding partner

  • Good Knowledge of Salesforce Products

  • A Great decision maker & problem solver

  • Have clear idea about the project

Self-evaluation is important before searching for a Salesforce partner because it helps you to:

  • Identify your needs and requirements.

  • Understand your budget.

  • Set realistic expectations.

  • Find a partner that is a good fit for you.

The Salesforce partnership level is a designation that Salesforce gives to its partners to recognize their expertise and commitment to the Salesforce platform. There are four levels of partnership: Base, Ridge, Crest, and Summit.

A Salesforce partner is a company that is authorized to sell, implement, and/or customize Salesforce solutions. They can help businesses of all sizes get the most out of Salesforce by providing expertise, training, and support.

Yes, It is the best investment to hire a Salesforce Partner. It allows businesses to focus their entire energy and time on growing their business while leaving all Salesforce related work to a Salesforce partner. No stresses or diversion of focus/energy.

The Salesforce Partner Community is a online platform where Salesforce partners can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. It is a great resource for partners of all levels, from those just starting out to those who are more experienced.

You can expect a Salesforce partner to have expertise in Salesforce, knowledge of your industry, commitment to customer success, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

To become a Salesforce partner, you typically need to meet certain criteria, such as demonstrating expertise in Salesforce products and services, achieving specific certifications, and establishing a successful business track record. Additionally, you'll need to apply through the Salesforce Partner Program and go through a formal evaluation process.

Partners in Salesforce sell, implement, and support Salesforce solutions, extending the platform's reach and providing expertise to help customers succeed.

Hiring a Salesforce partner ensures expert guidance, tailored solutions, and efficient implementation, maximizing the benefits of Salesforce for your business.

A Salesforce Platinum Partner is a top-tier partner recognized for their exceptional expertise, customer success, and extensive Salesforce certifications.