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We Provide you Salesforce® Data Migration Services

Moving data from your existing CRM to Salesforce CRM can be a painful affair for all concerned. Well, it doesn’t have to be if you do the right thing. Our Salesforce Data Migration Services ensure a smooth & seamless migration. We ensure that during the Salesforce Data Migration Services, your data is safe & secure. The migration process ensures minimum disruption to your business, its team, workflows, and processes.

Leave Your Data Migration Stress To The Pro

We understand that migrating copious amounts of data from one system to another seems like a nightmare. It is time-consuming affair as well as complicated since data migration is not a linear process. It needs a mix of different tools, technologies, and methodologies. We take away this stress from you so you can focus on your core business activities. our team skilled in merging innovative processes, tools, and approaches make the migration process a seamless & smooth affair.

Our experienced & certified team makes sure that migration is as smooth as silk, without any hiccups or losses. Your work carries on as business as usual. We take care to avoid duplication & ensuring that your data is safe & secure.

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Salesforce® Data Migration

Our Offerings

Our Salesforce Data Migration expertise ensures that you derive maximum “juice” out of this amazing tool. Let’s read about some of its pertinent features that have all of us so excited.

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Migration from another CRM

Different CRMs have different data formats. Hence data migration can be a challenge. However, we are experts in transferring data from a host of existing CRMs. Our Salesforce Data Migration Services include reformatting the different formats and mapping them to match the Salesforce data migration requirements which takes time, energy, and resources.

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Migration from a different Salesforce Org

We ensure a seamless migration of your entire data from Salesforce Classic org or any other one that is outside to the new Salesforce Org. Our Salesforce Data Migration Services ensure that imported objects maintain their particular order to ensure record relationships.

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Link information with Salesforce

Linking many data sources may need a dedicated integration server or the implementation of the Mulesoft integration. The synchronization can be either one way or both, the second being more complex about collating & organizing the information.

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Salesforce data migration can present a variety of challenges for organizations looking to move their data from one Salesforce instance to another, or from another system altogether. Here are some of the common issues that can arise during Salesforce data migration, and how our solutions can help:

Lack of Information of
Data Structures

We engage with stakeholders who are familiar with data structure and its flow. Their inputs are crucial for alterations and removing any hiccups that may surface.

Migrating Vast Quantity
of Information

Migrating a large chunk of data to your production environment is not advisable. We migrate a small chunk of the data in a sandbox that ensures a smooth transition.

Testing is Neglected
at The End

We use best practices always and this includes testing by running reports at the end. To cross reference the record counts, developer console is used.

Dirty Data is

We remove unnecessary data fields that are used occasionally in a few records. We may include fields like Legacy ID or User ID to the source data.


Experts in Salesforce Data Migration Services

Use of best practices and latest technologies

Detailed plan is prepared and executed

Migration is carried out under the supervision of certified Salesforce personnel

Emphasis on user adoption post migration

Our team checks data quality & validates it, before and after the migration process

The Perfect Salesforce Partner

Why Choose Codleo Consulting?

Out of the many Salesforce partners, why should you choose us? Here is why:

Specialists in Data Migration

Vast experience and domain knowledge

Pocket-friendly pricing options

100% Salesforce certified

Intellectual Property Rights rest with you

Collaborative and innovative

Salesforce Summit Tier

Training and support services

Intellectual Property Rights rest with you

Collaborative and innovative

Salesforce Summit Tier Partner.

Training and support services

Our Process

Our Data Migration Process



Engagement and Discovery

We engage and understand what data is important, its structure and the many customisations needed to bring value to the information during the migration. This helps in drawing up a blueprint for the migration process.



Data Mapping

Codleo makes an Entity Relationship Document that’s aids the envisaging of the table structure, data type and record counts. Here on, mapping of the data fields of old data to relevant fields in Salesforce is a smooth affair.



Salesforce Considerations

For data migration we need clarity on record ownership, access privileges, security settings and so on. This way all data that needs importing is accounted for and is imported.



Sandbox Import & Demo

We proceed with caution. A small quantity of data goes to the test environment to be evaluated for mapping accuracy & data integrity. Any red flags are addressed at this stage.



Data Migration takes place

The next step is the most crucial where we import/migrate all the required data to your Salesforce org using best practices, careful considerations and security.



Finals Check & Go-Live

We do our final checks and hand over the system for your reviewing the same.
Thereafter the migration is declared a success and goes live.

Simplified Data Migration in Salesforce®

We are here to help you migrate your data to Salesforce without any hassle. Reach out to us to know about the process we follow to ensure seamless data migration.


Case Studies

Learn how Codleo helped these companies leverage Salesforce to significantly improve their business.

Our client is a global provider of consulting, support, and managed services for insurance firms...


Our customer is an award-winning firm in the domain of business intelligence...


It is an e-learning platform for children (kindergarten to 12th grade)...


Our client is a premier institute in Design, Fashion, Business, and Media...


Our client is a family-run medium scale enterprise...


Our customer is a digital used-car buying & selling portal...


Our client is a behavioural agency specialising in care & therapy for children...


Our customer is a corporate group that operates private universities across continents...


Our client is an executive education enabler connecting leading universities...


Our client is a group of retail experts providing cloud-based point of sale software...


our client is a Delhi based non - governmental organization...


FAQ - Salesforce® Data Migration

It refers to the process of transferring data from the current system/apps/tools being used to the Salesforce org.

The best way to move data is to employ the services of a professional Salesforce partner.

There are many types of data migration, and these include storage migration, database migration, application migration and cloud migration.

As per our experience, the approximate time for Salesforce data migration process is between 25 days to 3 months. It depends on various factors including the volume of data.

Data migration is the process of transferring information from a location / format / application to another. Database migration is the process of transferring data from source database(s) to a target database(s) thanks to a database migration service.