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Salesforce Lightning Migration


How migration can be an issue for salesforce community?

The issue of Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration has divided the user community for some time but the debate leans heavily on the side of Salesforce Lightning Migration. This is because the Lightning interface is modern, efficient, and smart. The look and feel experienced by the users are consistent across every device – desktop, tablet, and mobile. The User Interface (UI) upgrade alone is superior enough compared to Salesforce Classic reporting, plus with Salesforce Lightning Migration users can use Einstein (Wave) Analytics reporting.

Lightning migration done right

How Codleo Can Help - The Approach for maximum lightning ROI

We make your Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration simpler, quicker, and more economical. While UI upgrade is an important attraction of the Salesforce Lightning Migration, Lightning enables businesses to be more customer-centric thanks to enhanced processes and so on. Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration with a focus on improving the Salesforce application includes redefining the end-user experience via a user-centric approach. Our proprietary approach, accelerators, frameworks, and the team of certified experts help accelerate the move with minimal risk and maximum ROI.

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We ensure the following features with our lightning migration services

  • Outline Goals with Transition Plan
  • GAP Analysis / Readiness Assessment
  • Ease-of-use design
  • Apps built like never before
  • Lightning Aura/Web Components to extend capabilities


Salesforce Lightning Migration Videos

Build a Dashboard (Lightning Experience)
Lightning Experience: Take it for a Spin

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Salesforce Industry Vertical Solutions

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Products On Salesforce

Project Management Application on Salesforce® Platform

The solution of team, skills, techniques, planning, and execution to achieve all of the project goals

Vendor Management Application powered by Salesforce®

Look after the flow of goods from manufacturers to the warehouse bin to the sales order

Recruitment & HR solutions application
by Codleo

Robotize the hiring team to track applications and manage talent with cutting-edge proprietary technology

Daily Travel & Expense Management

Gear up for employee-initiated expenses remotely with fully automated suite to save time & effort

Feedback from our clients

"I was really impressed with the turnaround speed of the team and the fact that they were always invested in finding out the best solutions as per business requirement and tailored the product accordingly. Their development team works 24X7 hence the quick turnarounds"

Project Coordinator, University

"We had an excellent experience with highly skilled team who made our professional life easy and balance when it comes to business goals and accuracy of the services we deliver to our clients"

CEO, Immigration Company

"Codleo has a team of dedicated quality consultants and Sr. Developers who have the capability to deliver complex projects"

CEO, Healthcare Company

"It was a very wonderful experience to work with Codleo. Codleo was very helpful for our company from the Salesforce® platform set up to implementation and customization- CODLEO proved what it committed."

CTO, Manufacturing Company


Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce has designed the LEX UI. It provides the viewers with a holistic 360° view of their workflow and speedy data access. Important data can be placed in the front with simple personalized configuration while other data is easily accessed by a few clicks.

Lightning allows users to design new types of pages such as App Pages, Home Pages, and Record Pages etc while the Classic version just offers one basic type of page.

You can activate the Lightning Experience by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of your account and selecting “Switch to Lightning Experience.” Salesforce Administrators in your company have the power to configure, enable, or disable access to Lightning Experience for the entire organization or for a group of users.

Yes, you may continue using Salesforce Classic or easily switch over to Salesforce Classic from Lightning Experience. The easy return to Salesforce Classic is achieved by clicking your profile picture and selecting “Switch to Salesforce Classic.”

Salesforce Lightning Migration is best carried out by employing the services of an experienced Salesforce Lightning Migration company. They analyze your existing org and prepare a roadmap that is ideal for the business. The Salesforce Lightning Migration rollout is carried out accordingly with minimal fuss and disruption.

Salesforce Inc is investing heavily into making Lightning the preferred choice of org. Thus, many new features and functionalities are only available in the Lightning version, which is more agile, robust, and up-to-date. With Salesforce leaning heavily on it, companies that want to extract maximum benefit from Salesforce will have to opt for Salesforce Lightning Migration, sooner than later. The company gets a big boost with Salesforce Lightning Migration.

Yes, without a doubt. For Salesforce Lightning Migration today, call us now.

The Lightning Experience Configuration Converter enables companies to prep their org for Lightning Experience by organizing or automating common transition tasks. For more on how Salesforce Lightning Migration happens, get in touch.

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