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Salesforce cloud telephony integration benefits


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Computer Telephony Integration or CTI is defined as the process of connecting the phones of a company with its computer network. This process empowers a business to do many things that also improve sales & overall service such as:

  •  Routing of the calls to the right team or person  

  • Recording and storing of calls for quality assurance and training  

  • Providing the team manning the calls with a detailed history of each caller  

  • Allowing employees to click-to-dial or auto-dial contacts  

  • Overseeing & measuring KPIs like drop call % etc. 

The benefits of CTI as part of Salesforce integration services are:  
  1. The number of calls made increases per agent/employee thanks to click-to-dial and automated dialing.  

  2. The information available to the agents courtesy of the CRM enables them to personalize their conversations, leading to a higher conversion of leads/prospects into actual sales. 

  3. There is an improvement in service and support. 

  4. It aids the team to minimize the call handling time.  

  5. There is an increase in first call resolution % by giving agents/teams by giving them the relevant and complete history/information in one place in the form of a pop-up which enables them to solve the issues.  Connect with us to know about Salesforce integration services

  6. Options can direct the caller to the next available agent or a concerned person in the right department or skill for a quicker resolution etc. Let's talk about Salesforce integration services

Salesforce enables Modern telephony software via the cloud as opposed to traditional systems using on-site software. The best way to integrate SF with your telephone systems is with an Open CTI or Salesforce CRM Call Centre which is a tool created by SF. It allows third-party CTI system integration. The best part of this system is that a business does not need to have CTI-specific apps. Open CTI is browser-based and thus developers have complete leverage to use the cloud architecture. To bring this system on inboard, one needs to be comfortable with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Visualforce APIs, CTI adapters, and Salesforce CRM Call Centre.  

Codleo is working with two companies (namely Ameyo and Contaque) that deal with call center software and contact center solutions to integrate Salesforce for their clients. More companies are seeing the advantages and jumping onto the bandwagon of Salesforce integration services.  

So, if you run a BPO or call centre and are seeking for out of box solutions, why not consider Codleo's solutions for CTI integration or other Salesforce integration services. Salesforce integration services will do wonders for your company’s financial bottom lines. Keeping your customers and prospects happy is your main mission, so keep leveraging tech advances to up the game to the next level via Salesforce integration services. 

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