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Today’s modern healthcare systems must rapidly evolve to meet the base expectations of the connected patient. Salesforce Health Could puts the patient at the center of care by giving caregivers core advantages. We see a complete view of the patient with integrated data from EHRs, wearables and more. We can make smarter care decisions from a single console and engage with patients across their caregiver networks and on any device. Salesforce Health Cloud has been developed in partnership with leading healthcare companies, including Centura Health, DJO Global, Radboud University Medical Center, UCSF and Philips. Salesforce Health Cloud empowers you to go beyond health records and build meaningful relationships with patients. We at Codleo help you in implementing and supporting Salesforce Health Cloud for your organization.


Features of Health Cloud

Giving healthcare providers the ability to go beyond health records and build stronger relationships with patients

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Complete Patient View

Holistic 360-degree view provides access to the entire medical history of the patient. This leads to delivering high-quality patient care, reduction in non-essential costs, a closer doctor-patient relationship and improving outcomes.

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Intelligent Care Collaboration

Care teams and providers can easily focus on the patients and attention tasks. The system takes care of patient acquisition, clinical appointments, hospital enrollments, access to treatment devices & medicines and much more, as per professional medical teams.

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Personalized End-to-End Experience

Secure patient community with drag-and-drop ease and connect the entire care team on any device. You can send messages to the patient’s mobile phones, meeting their expectations for convenient communication, encouraging deeper engagement and developing stronger relationships.

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Smarter Patient Management

The cloud offers a holistic 360-degree view of patients and their medical histories etc. You can provide optimum care, quick actions and best decisions by just studying enabling better care practice. It also consolidates patient records and makes it easily accessible to the medical fraternity.

How can we make Salesforce Health Cloud useful for you?

  • Connect patients and caregivers, with a focus on comprehensive visualizations of patient charts and eradicate gaps in patient care and challenges of communication.
  • Enables hospitals to monitor gaps in patient care and correspond with patients & their loved ones outside the hospital via latest technologies such as telehealth.
  • Enables Health Cloud assessments features to conduct regular surveys with patients, which can include lifestyle, health risks, patient activation etc.
  • It consolidates patient records and makes it easily accessible to the concerned parties such as the patients, the medical fraternity and the support network.


Salesforce health-cloud Videos

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Drive Personalized Healthcare Experience with Health Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through the power of Salesforce, patients and the medical fraternity can use the Salesforce Customer Community channel to log into healthcare accounts while the Salesforce Health Cloud with its rich API structure and back-end EHR systems integration can generate clinical and CRM data on a user.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a health IT CRM system at whose core lays doctor-patient relationship and record management services.

Salesforce Health Cloud makes it possible for healthcare providers to:

  • Prioritize tasks across all their patients’ needs
  • Segment and manage patient populations
  • Map personal and professional caregiver networks

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