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“Health checks are preventives, catching any issues before they take on larger hues and cause problems within an organization”- Quote by Shamik Sengupta, a Salesforce administrator working with an MNC in Bombay. 

Your Salesforce CRM is like any team member which needs a regular health check–up to see if it is at its optimum best.  While you may be satisfied with the Salesforce version you are working with currently, there is no harm in doing a health check on a regular basis to see if all is well as it should be. Below we have listed compelling reasons for why it needs to be done. Hope this blog is of use to you. 

Here is how you discover your company needs a Salesforce Health Check: 

  • As companies expand so do their security requirements. As your security needs have increased, it is advisable to go for the security health check which checks for security settings.  As a Salesforce administrator in your company, the Salesforce Security Health Check tool can be used to identify and take care of potential risks in your security settings. One can now observe and fix security risks in Session Settings, Password Policies, and Network Access settings. 

  • Your Salesforce version was implemented over a year ago. In this timeframe, the company has grown and its requirements as well.  Therefore to keep pace with whatever has happened since the last implementation/update; a health check will give you detailed data on what’s working and what’s needed, where steps needed to be taken to bring you up to speed.  It could take the form of minor adjustments or even a large-scale revamp. 

  • Complex data is circulating with the company’s various teams and departments.  As expansion happens in any organization, data becomes larger and complicated, resulting in potential errors and vulnerabilities. A Salesforce Health Check ensures that this does not happen. The health check reveals how data flows through the organization, its departments, and so on.  If you’re not already integrating with other operational systems, this is your chance. 

  • Need to improve operating efficiency. A Salesforce health check done every 6 months is ideal to show where improvements can take place by using the latest functionalities.  

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Salesforce has 3 launches every year with new updates & features, which may not be present in the version you are using for long. Hence, it’s time to upgrade and become a lean & mean operating machine. 

Do any of the above points strike a chord with you? If yes, the time to get a health check is done.

A Salesforce Health check done on a regular basis is the panacea for fixing the lacunas and errors plaguing the systems in your company. An expert consultation partner like Codleo Consulting is the right partner to achieve the same.  This is the right way to get maximum Returns on your Investment (ROI). So, if you have Salesforce but not had a health check at all or for some time, give us a call.

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