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Ways Salesforce Pardot Will Grow More Business


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Pardot for marketers can be compared to the pearl inside the oyster. The comparison may seem farfetched but believe me, it is indeed true. Pardot is the secret ally for marketers (and their companies) to be on a winning note. In this blog, we are examining different ways that Pardot can assist in the growth of the business, be it a family run concern in Patiala, a medium size company in Jabalpur, or a large scale manufacturer in Bhavnagar.

Let’s look at 5 ways Salesforce Pardot Will Grow More Business:

  • Creating a robust prospect generation strategy. Having a foolproof plan for prospect generation is important for the success of any business (big or small). It involves making landing pages with forms for prospect collection.  The companies who wish to see an uptick in their prospect generation strategy need to bring to leverage landing pages for this purpose. Salesforce Pardot is very helpful in optimizing prospect generation by adopting some best practices always. A good Salesforce Pardot partner like Codleo (Crest tier level) is ideal for using best practices in order to increase prospects.  

  • Removal of silos between various departments. Companies with different departments using traditional / legacy systems tend to be disconnected on a daily basis, with each department not aware of the activities / tasks / work of the others. With tech tools like Pardot and Salesforce, there is a single connected view available to all of the work being done by all departments. Hence teams can work together to nurture leads and convert them into sales.  Prospects can be tracked while sales call analysed to determine the success ratio of the marketing campaigns. Pardot is just the tool needed to view business progress. 

  • Whipping into shape the strategy for content. Content is king and the most important asset in converting lead into a sale / client. Pardot is ideal for the generation of quality content. It is also ideal for recycling content. Pardot can be harnessed for a variety of purposes such as distribution or breaking up large scale content into smaller bits. 

  • Valuable Return on Investment reporting.  A company must have wholesale / holistic reports that provide meaningful insights into their marketing efforts over months and years. This gives guidance on what works and what doesn’t. This can then be converted into action for remedy or enhancement for the future. This is achieved via Pardot which provides a range of reports / dashboards to analyse. It allows the management to form a connecting arch between marketing efforts. The management and concerned team can critically review the true value of ROI.  

  • Give an impetus to social media.  It is vital to ensure a calendar of posting rhythm and the same must be adhered to. Salesforce Pardot is useful in this matter as it helps with creating a social post calendar and ensures that everything happens on time, even if the user / marketing team is caught up with other pressing issues. Pardot eases your social media post process. 

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Akansha Singh

Akansha is a Digital Consultant that having rich experience in SEO, PPC, eCommerce and Social Media Marketing. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning. She is a keen learner and feels it is important to keep yourself updated in the ever-evolving digital world.

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