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Salesforce Spring 2023 release notes are out for Salesforce consulting partners to pore over. As with all releases ( three a year to be precise ) it has something on offer for all who work in the Salesforce universe and Salesforce consulting partners. In this blog, we are happy to showcase what the new features mean for Developers and Salesforce consulting partners. Let’s read what these new features mean for Codleo’s developers, Salesforce consulting partners and others.

  • DevOps centre – This development has been pending for a while and we are all happy to hear about it.  Its now available for all to use and take advantage of. Salesforce DevOps Center is an enhanced experience based around change & release management that provides DevOps best practices to your development team, irrespective of their skillset. All developers & builders can collaborate to offer value to clients that is both repeatable & scalable. How cool is that?  Three cheers for it being generally available say Salesforce consulting partners.

  • Run Screen Flows from Slack. Thanks to the Apex SDK for Slack (Beta) users may run a screen flow sans input parameters thanks to shortcuts or a button in Slack. curate a cell phone app to deliver users with global shortcuts, message shortcuts, or slash commands that draw upon flows from Slack.

  • Get outside data into flow builder sans code. For those who don’t know the meaning of the word “sans” it is French for without. It is a different Beta relating to Flow Builder, in the shape of Outside Data. Users may automate processes with outside information by designing Flow Builder actions that channel internet-based service APIs using HTTP Callout. Codleo as the best Salesforce partner.

  • Async SOQL is being phased out. Meant for Big Objects, Field Audit Trail, and the Connect REST API, it’s going to vanish from all types of orgs / versions shortly. Instead, Bulk API and batch Apex will be used say Salesforce consulting partners.

  • Limit Anonymous Apex Access to select people or team. Visit your Apex Settings and find a new option of Restrict non-core users from implementing anonymous Apex. This lets admins to limit anonymous Apex execution to a select few, for example Standard & CsnOnly users, by invoking the RestrictCommunityExecAnon option.

  • Reinforce the Micro-Batching Apex Method via Tests. Developers may attach Apex tests for the createRecordAsync method, which enables sites to curate cases, leads, and unique objects in a better manner via micro-batching.

  • Lightning Web Component amendments. These changes include lightning-barcode-scanner that is a new component, placing an icon that opens a barcode scanner when a person clicks it. lightning-icon - An enhancement to the current component, the icon colours of the Standard Object, Action, and Doctype icons for accessibility are now Up To Date to be in sync with the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) icon blueprint.

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