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The Salesforce universe offers a diverse range of profiles and jobs for techies who wish to work with Salesforce consulting services. The company with its ever-increasing portfolio of products is providing career opportunities for lakhs worldwide in Salesforce consulting services. One of the important profiles in this diverse career forum of Salesforce consulting services is that of a Salesforce Developer. Developers who work with Salesforce fix complicated issues for clients using both code and Salesforce’s no-code tools. Maximum developers who work with Salesforce technologies design personalized business apps and solutions. This is done using the Salesforce Platform ( such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud communities ) or Heroku. Some developers may become micro-specialists in Salesforce consulting, while others are proper developers working with both back-end logic and front-end experiences. Some developers design personalized marketing experiences on Marketing Cloud. Others delve into data and reveal new insights with Tableau. There are developers designing mesmerizing commerce experiences with Commerce Cloud’s PWA kit. Others are designing a digital fort for their employers/clients with custom Slack apps. 

The two major languages in the Salesforce universe are JavaScript and Apex. JavaScript is, as we know, the language used for front-end personalizations as revealed via Lightning Web Components ( also known in brief as LWC). Apex is the popular back-end language in the Salesforce universe. The Salesforce Platform has 2 domain-specific query languages. Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) is a SQL-like query language for accessing data in the Salesforce multi-tenant database. Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) is a text-based search language that can be used to find both data and documents stored on the platform. 

Since Salesforce has no-code personalisations, every developer in the Salesforce universe has to know how to use the no-code tools that are important for their work. For example, some features that are complicated to implement, such as wizards, data security rules, and basic user interface (UI) customizations, can be addressed without the need to bring in coding. Developers familiar with enterprise software make the smoothest switch to the world of Salesforce. Not that this is a criterion to make a career in Salesforce as a developer or work in Salesforce consulting services. As we say a developer is a Salesforce developer in the making. Most begin their career after graduating with technical degrees/diplomas from universities and academies and join Salesforce consulting services.  

There is a big market for Salesforce developers especially in the emerging markets of Salesforce and Salesforce consulting. These countries include India among others. This demand fuelled by more companies adopting Salesforce is leading to career and growth opportunities. It's also leading to high salaries which is making it a lucrative career, especially among the youth of semi-rural and rural economies. It is becoming a way to get themselves, their families and in turn, their communities out of poverty and into a better economic scenario say Salesforce consulting services


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Arun Jangra

Arun is a 5x Salesforce certified Developer with an overall work experience of 9 years. He is very organised and uses his skill set & knowledge to deliver out-of-box solutions.

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