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Pardot New Product Advancements And Your Marketing Success


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Amidst all the doom and gloom of last year, the launch of new product advancements for Pardot has been a sign of hope & cheer. These new announcements will make its users in every organization smile as these advancements will help & improve their daily work. Read on to know more about them.

Here are some of Pardot’s latest product advancements that will help you this year and ahead:

  • B2B Marketing Analytics Plus – It is fuelled by the most recent AI capabilities.  A company is able to not only analyze the performance of past campaigns, but you also get tips, etc on increasing your return on investment (ROI) at every step of the journey. B2B Marketing Analytics Plus is akin to having a data scientist in your team. 

  • Engagement History Dashboards - Get access to pertinent data and insights a company requires on account, lead, contact, opportunity, and campaign records. With this type of dashboard, you can immerse dashboards on these records that envision marketing engagement and visualize crucial insights. These dashboards provide the same data to all teams (mainly sales and marketing teams) which can be used to make critical decisions.  A better understanding of trends and patterns in campaign engagement is achieved and a company can obtain information such as the W5 (who, what, when, where, why), and how behind the engagement. 

  • Einstein Attribution - Use a personalized prototype designed by Einstein learning to correctly identify the most fruitful campaigns in your client journeys. Einstein Attribution leaves rules-based influence prototypes in the past. It uses AI to create an information-driven prototype that credits revenue portions based on your actual clients, their association, and your wins. 

  • The new email experience – Presenting a more streamlined and user-friendly email experience that uses the power of the Lightning Platform. The new-look email experience includes increased email design capabilities, preview, and test options, and a send experience that can be configured. Email content can be saved for reuse and documents on content performance can be accessed. Pardot’s new email experience lets users take advantage of Salesforce CMS. 

  • Developer sandboxes for Pardot - Admins and developers now have the provision of sandboxes to test Pardot in isolation and safety before being sure and going live. Testing, auditing, and configuring Pardot is now a piece of cake. This feature is surely going to make a lot of people very happy. 

Get in touch with us to know more about Pardot, the marketing magic it unleashes, and you. Be ahead of others and be the king of marketing with Pardot.  Phone,  – person, or email, we are waiting to engage with you.

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