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Salesforce Staff Augmentation


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“Talent acquisition is not a perfect science.” –  Quote by Kris Clelland, An experienced and highly skilled Global Talent Acquisition Leader.

Rajesh Verma of Delhi runs a small pharma manufacturing in the foothills of the Himalayas in Kotdwar. They manufacture medicines for diabetes, heart ailments as well as stroke. He was advised by his cousin Amit to onboard a great tech stack that would ensure productivity and efficiency. Rajesh initially was reluctant to do the same because of the prohibitive costs. However, his cousin assured him that the tech tools he needed for his business pays dividends in the long run. It’s a great investment.  He was advised to opt for Salesforce CRM plus sales cloud and marketing cloud.

After he shortlisted a few companies to work on the Salesforce project, Rajesh was faced with the prospect of hiring Salesforce professionals who were certified and experienced, to manage his Salesforce tech stack. The big salaries that these techies were demanding were a big put-off till his Salesforce partner suggested the below two options to him that would not burn a hole in his pocket.

Staff augmentation of Salesforce professionals - This model of talent acquisition focuses on filling the skills gaps in the existing team of a business for a particular project. Businesses that provide staff augmentation services for Salesforce Professionals provide the right candidates as per the requirements of each client.   Clients are billed on “ per hour “ model that works for all parties. Salesforce staff augmentation is helpful when a company is finding it difficult to fulfil stringent project deadlines due to a host of reasons. The additional Salesforce Professionals via staff augmentation assist with project completion without the hassles of acquiring in-house staff. These hassles include salaries & perks, the hiring hassle and so on.

Support services – Also known as managed services. This popular model of acquiring talent such as Salesforce professionals enables a company to outsource all work related to Salesforce to another company on contract, on long-term basis. Support services is a talent acquisition model that goes beyond the normal outsourcing method or hiring short-duration employees on contract to obtain long-term benefits. This model allows the contracted company to handle all issues related to the Salesforce multiverse, allowing the business management and their team to focus on growing their business. It works. Many companies are opting for this model. This is a model most useful for small and medium-scale companies like the one Rajesh Verma runs.

Shalini Sharma, Human Resources head of Codleo says “Many companies don’t want the hassle of managing their Salesforce org. That’s where we come in. We help them to manage their org in economical price models while they focus on their main business and its growth”.

You will be happy to know that Codleo provides both the above options when it comes to Salesforce Professionals. So, if you need experienced, reliable, and certified Salesforce Professionals in the near future, you know who you need to dial.


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