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Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services


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“ You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best. “ – Quote by late Steve Jobs, an American business magnate, inventor, and investor.

What do companies do when they need certified and experienced Salesforce resources at short notice? How do companies onboard the much-needed Salesforce personnel without getting into a tizzy? What’s the solution for cost-effective staff onboarding? Well, it’s quite simple –  Salesforce staff augmentation services. Staff augmentation is utilisation of external resources for a fixed duration to increase the capacity of businesses. Staff augmentation is an important business strategy, with its highs and lows. Each business and its management must evaluate from time to time if staff augmentation serves the company’s goals or not.

What are the benefits of Salesforce staff augmentation services?
  • Reduce recruitment costs. These days Salesforce certified personnel command hefty pay packets. So, if a company needs salesforce-trained staff for a short or fixed duration, then instead of hiring expensive talent, they can simply contact a company that provides Salesforce staff augmentation services. With Salesforce staff augmentation, you get Salesforce experts for a limited duration of time or a specific project. Costs related to retention, bonuses, increments, and perks are saved. Resulting in saving expenses for the company – overhead expenses. If you feel that your budget is not supporting the hired resources acquired from Salesforce staff augmentation services, then you can terminate the contract as per the agreed terms & conditions.

  • Hasten the hiring cycle. The recruitment process of hiring technical personnel can be quite complicated based on my own personal experience. Shortlisting the right people and going through the entire hiring process means a major investment of time & money.  This is why in-team hiring is not a good solution when there is an urgent requirement for personnel. Thanks to Salesforce staff augmentation services, companies have speedy access to talented people with the needed skill set on a contract basis. As you are getting access to pre-screened experts, businesses save time and cost on testing and/or training. There are no salary negotiations causing delays and headaches. Hence speedy deployment of resources as part of Salesforce staff augmentation services is a big benefit.

  • Get access to technical talent. It may be quite expensive and tough to recruit personnel who have rare or in-demand Salesforce skills. As the pool of skilled talent is limited, demand can be high, and the resulting salary demands are exorbitant.  This can go beyond your company’s budget sometimes. With Salesforce staff augmentation services, recruit experienced & certified Salesforce professionals with specific skills that bring the much-needed heft & oomph to your projects.

  • Reduce recruiting complications. From candidate search to deployment, the process of recruiting employees is extensive & complex, and a time-consuming process with regard to the project activities. Energy and time are wasted on handling the employees, onboarding, and training.  This is apart from other essentials like orientation and continuous performance appraisals. The best alternative is Salesforce staff augmentation services.


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Shalini Sharma

Shalini heads pre-sales and the Human Resource Department with a focus on building processes, with a people-centred approach.

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