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Manufacturing Cloud

The manufacturing industry has realized that fast paced changes in customer preferences and requirements need to be mapped and far reaching solutions need to be found to gain an edge over other competitors with customer delight. This has led many companies to migrate to sophisticated cloud based CRMs. Salesforce has launched its manufacturing cloud to drive digital transformation in the industry, evoke greater transparency and aid the growth of companies.

A complete CRM for the Manufacturing Industry

The cloud enables industrialists to provide intelligent field cycles, b2b commerce, channel management etc in a more consolidated manner. These cloud services offer a gamut of benefits which is why the adoption of cloud based services has been booming in the last few years. These benefits include and are not limited to reduction in overhead costs and enhanced efficiency. The cloud offers a comprehensive picture of customers in the manufacturing industry. The cloud allows for greater transparency, cohesion in inter-department communication and obtains real-time insights for business growth.

Pain Points

Industry Pain Points:

Is it time to update your system with a Manufacturing Cloud?

Manufacturing Cloud Features

Explore Manufacturing Cloud features that help you gain deep visibility into your business.
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Contracts, Orders, Quotes, Products, and Price Books
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Chatter, Files, Topics, and Recommendations
  • Web-to-Lead Capture
  • Lead Assignment and Routing
  • Visual Workflow
  • Dashboards

Manufacturing Cloud Benefits for your Business

  • Greater Transparency in Your Manufacturing Processes
  • Focused Planning and Inventory Management
  • Easily Define Custom Metrics
  • Accurate Account Based Forecasting
  • Develop Algorithms enabling forecasting
  • Leverage the power of Salesforce Manufacturing & Community Cloud
  • Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing Business
  • Seamless Communication across departments


Solution by Salesforce Provided by Codleo

To provide seamless service to customers, you may need to consolidate all data and processes into one efficient streamlined system.

  • Customer experience is a single view through a connected, collaborative channel ecosystem.
  • Sales and services are proactive and predictive.
  • Personalized customer interactions increase loyalty and lifetime value.
  • The mobile field workforce is informed and enabled.
  • Data intelligence drives actionable insights.
  • Mega-Customized Solutions
  • Greater account transparency with a consolidated view of every agreement.
  • Create accurate forecasts with a unified view.
  • Extend the value of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for a unified view of all customer activity.
  • Speed up planning with transparent digital collaboration.
  • Surface actionable business insights.
  • Ensure a real-time, accurate view of account activity.
  • Maximising Performance & Efficiency
  • Effective ERP Extending to Corporate Cloud


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