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Despite the recent announcement of Salesforce Inc laying off 10% of its employee base worldwide including India, the Salesforce ecosystem is on the rise worldwide. Fueled by the realization that companies do not connect with their clients on a deeper level. FOMO is real and driving digital makeover, especially thanks to the terrible COVID-19 scourge. The number of licenses sold and the user base are on the rise. Unfortunately, the pace of demand for Salesforce in countries like India is not keeping pace with the staffing availability of professionals like developers for Salesforce Consultants. More demand, less supply say Salesforce Consultants. Hence it is now becoming the job seekers' market with high pay packets and plenty of offers. It’s crazy with recruiters & Salesforce Consultants going crazy trying to pin down personnel who are fleeting on their feet, seeking the best offer, and moving every few years.

Some naysayers are of the opinion that low demand for admins and many with Salesforce credentials flooding the market means that admins are becoming sidelined. Is it true? Do you think so? We shall explore this topic briefly today. A few years ago, the emphasis was on hiring developers are the gods of the salesforce universe and in Salesforce Consultants. They were seen as the most in-demand and knowledgeable. With complicated requirements from the org, they are best seen as the person of the hour. With in-depth customizations needing professionals well versed with complexity and tech debt. But here is why Salesforce Admins in SFDC Consultants are being viewed as an important part of the growth story:

  1. Low code is staying and is the main USP of the org.

  2. Admins are in demand in companies.

  3. Greater comprehension of quality development practices, like DevOps is bridging the gap between admins and developers.


Low code is staying and is the main USP of the org says Salesforce Consultants. Though there has been a shift in demand for developers and complex coding, building workflows, and executing tasks. Salesforce is still primarily on advanced declarative functionality. TDX22 reiterated that this is the road ahead. This is not a declarative functionality either. It enables admins & provides opportunities to get into developer-driven workflows & activities, skilling them to deliver robust apps quicker with elan. Hence the product direction & investment from Salesforce.

Admins are in demand in companies. They are always seeking to drive the adoption of the system. Their role can never be underestimated. They are the ones who ensure Salesforce adoption & usage in businesses. Plus, declarative development capabilities are simpler to grasp. For admins to be on top of their game is Important, to be relevant, to upskill or cross-skill. Besides Trailhead platforms such as DevOps Launchpad are available to teach knowledge & skills. They help the admin to be up to date.

If you are looking to augment Salesforce staffing services in your business, we as Salesforce Consultants have a whole team of experienced and certified Salesforce Admins. They will ensure that your org is tich all the time. Contact us as Best Salesforce Partner for Salesforce admins for staffing, support, training, and more.



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Arun is a 5x Salesforce certified Developer with an overall work experience of 9 years. He is very organised and uses his skill set & knowledge to deliver out-of-box solutions.

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