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Reasons You Need Salesforce Marketing Cloud


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The Salesforce marketing cloud is a magic wand for marketers. It provides the tangy zing needed to ensure that the marketing hard work pays off. For those who are still sitting on the fence regarding deploying this cloud offering, below are 4 compelling reasons to contact us today for a demo / consultation on this magnificent marketing tool.

The top 4 Reasons you need Salesforce Marketing Cloud are: 

1. It moulds client engagement and experiences. An important tool for moulding the audience experience is predictive analytics. To forecast behaviour, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud studies the behavioural milieu of a client.   Details such as the past history of the client such as unsubscribing, sharing with social connections, or placing an order, all reveal their next actions. Based on the available data, Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a customised journey. As per available data / history of a client engagement with a brand, the marketing team can direct the audience experience and reap the fruits. 

2. Different channels to engage with all leads / clients. The marketing cloud has five unique channels to enable a brand to connect with its leads & clients.  

Social Studio – Social Studio has social listening resources to reply to interactions from different channels. You can draw up, execute, and oversee campaigns for social media advertising. Measure your social media and participate in conversations. 

Email Studio – It is the right medium to construct dynamic emails (images, graphics and text).  Email tracking has never been so simple. With constructed A/B testing features, advanced predictive analytics, and email distribution tools, success is assured. 

Advertising Studio – Digital advertising or even regular advertising is managed via the advertising studio. Clients collated from multiple mediums can securely access consumers and duplicates on different channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter.. 

Web Studio – Web Studio has a gamut of tools for constructing aesthetic, interactive websites and curated text etc. You can oversee real – time client engagement on your platform and gain valuable insights to be used later.  Customised content, engagement and feedback are made a piece of cake via this studio. 

3. Communication based on the customer’s well being. If a client is unhappy with the brand it is better to wait till the issues are resolved before sending them marketing material. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud will touch base with the dissatisfied client from time to time and then identify the satisfaction score of the customer. This will help in evaluating how to proceed from thereon for the concerned client. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud measures with precision the impact of marketing campaigns etc. 

4. Various platforms to curate marketing campaigns.  The cloud offers 5 different platforms for the use which are: 

Audience Builder – Obtain a unified view of every client also with audience builder using data from multiple sources, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other information sources.  

Personalisation Builder – Data analytics and predictive modelling of the personalization builder help in creating personas for each lead / client. This can lead to targeted marketing that yields results. 

Content builder - With it, a brand can curate and manage content in one place and have it distributed in all digital channels. To curate the relevant content for each user, the content designer provides the latest simulations. 

Analytics builder – Get the latest data and information on each lead & client using this platform 

Journey Builder – Create an ecosystem of each client’s journey with the brand thanks to this amazing platform. 

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