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A CRM for colleges in an ally every university should have by their side. Such CRM for colleges makes the life of staff simpler when it comes to day to day work.  Salesforce education cloud is an enabler and helps in is its many ways.

Listed below are the ways CRM for Higher Education Can Simplify Your University:

  • Streamline the entire admission process. The admission process in many centres of learning involves many steps and can be quite cumbersome, for both staff and prospective students. Application form availability to submission of documents, payment of fees, and so on. A good CRM takes care of all such issues with customisation. Like a magician with a magic wand, the entire student lifecycle can be managed from one place. Access to all information pertaining to admission such as the course for which admission is sought, student admission number, documents uploaded pertaining to the admission, and other important stuff the student registers during the process. 

  • Track ideal candidates. A CRM aids a university to engage with potential candidates with relevant information ahead of time. Technology enables universities to monitor social media chatter and based on information received take pro – active outreach. It allows the creation of an association with leads and shows them the relevance of your university in their scheme of things. 

  • Enhanced customer service. Students are customers of universities and centres of learning. Treat them this way. All interactions need to be mapped and data used to engage appropriately and provide them with the best service that they deserve, and you need to supply. This comes into play especially before they sign up so that know that you are informed, engaged, and helpful. Help them to choose you over others.   

  • Evaluation process simplified. The entire evaluation process per student is simplified and consolidated in one place. Whether it is grades or marks, assessments or comments, all is available for the teachers and other teams to see.  It enables teachers to monitor student performance and view their progress at various stages of the course. 

  • View payments and fees.  Besides automation of the fee payment structure, the entire fees collection process is simplified with no scope of human error. Thus, time and valuable resources are saved. Salesforce CRM for higher education is the tool for you. 

  • Engagement with alumni. CRMs help the universities to stay connected with the powerful and financially powerful alumni. Alumni are usually proud of their institutions and wish to remain engaged. CRMs is one such medium.   

  • Data is used to prepared dashboards and reports. These in turn are used to track student progress, as well as take strategic decisions & planning in an informed manner. Salesforce CRM for higher education is perfect for data analysis. 

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