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Team Discussing How A Salesforce project management app is increasing their productivity

How Salesforce Project Management App Can Increase Productivity?

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How Salesforce Project Management App Can Increase Productivity?

Running a successful business can be a daunting task whether you are a family-run small business or a large conglomerate which is transnational. There are numerous challenges which are faced on a daily basis such as employee efficiency, supply lines, and many more.  Now the advent of technology has come to the rescue in the form of project management software and various tools. These tools help business owners/management to effectively organize work and smooth running of processes, tasks, and projects. It is particularly useful for businesses to turn to these tools to turn around their fortunes or just stay on top of the game.

Let’s look at ways a project management app can increase productivity for companies:

Team Collaboration Features: A good project management app provides employees with easy mediums to collaborate & communicate about project progress and goals. Project managers need to have all team members on the same page, adjust deadlines, and address issues. The app/software gives team members more control and increases visibility across the entire organisation. The app gives team members a central place to manage and share work. Built-in direct messaging and chat streams help members of various departments centralise communication in one place.

File Sharing and Storage: The application allows file sharing and storage right within the software. Files pertaining to each project can be stored in one location and easily accessed. The manual reporting process is eliminated and reports can be generated automatically with a few easy steps. Thus if a team member is not present on-site in the office a manager needs a report or project plan, it can be easily accessed or shared. Time-saving is critical in increasing productivity hence target achieved.

Team member accountability: The app allows team members to track their progress towards goals, tasks, and targets.  It makes them accountable for their goals and targets.  The project manager can assign and monitor tasks, set deadlines, and get an overview of the project progress. The app allows the project manager to make notes, ask questions, and collaborate about promises, thus minimising the time spent in meetings. Everyone has a clear view of the team’s individual performances.  The productivity of all members goes up leading to the productivity of the company as well.

Task management features: The app should include easy-to-navigate task management tools. It allows business owners/ project managers to create to-do lists and manage deadlines, updating the team automatically. Checklists allow team members to streamline their projects and business processes. Everything is organised, streamlined and smooth.

Tanco in Gurgaon, a producer of spare parts for Indian railways has seen a rise in their overall productivity by 30% ever since the owners invested in a good Project Management App. Its owner Mr Tandon says “Project management app has completely overhauled our day to day functioning and processes. It has provided tools which make overseeing projects a piece of cake”.  More companies like Tanco are liberating themselves by using these great state-of-the-art tools, software, and apps to change their working style. Isn’t it time that you jumped on the bandwagon as well?



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