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Email Marketing Good Practices


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Email marketing is one of the brightest spots in the hands of businesses and their marketing teams to increase customers & revenues as well as disseminate information, and keep engaged with clients & stakeholders from time to time. To make sure that your email marketing works for you, we have compiled some good practices to help you in this process.

  • Do not buy contact lists at all. If you do this, then you will quickly notice a fall in the performance of your email campaigns. In Europe for example, a person must give his / her consent before you can send them communication in any form. Bought contact lists contravene this regulation and thus can end up getting you in trouble.

  • Kindly avoid the practice of "no-reply" being used in auto-replies or as a part of the email ID from which the marketing email goes out.  This bad practice deters prospects & clients from replying or even choosing to continue further engagement with your brand.  It's better to have emails sent out on behalf of a real-life company team member.

  • Use one font throughout the email to show clarity and consistency.

  • It's ideal to include an email signature at the end of the email with contact details, name, designation and website name listed on it.

  • It's always good to give links to your social media handles in the signature block in the email. Thus, the clients can explore and engage with you in a more holistic manner going forward.

  • Make sure your data of contacts and their details is reviewed, cleaned on a regular basis. Clean data is the backbone of a marketing team. Therefore, all outdated and wrong details and information should be cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Make sure that your greetings are personalized to show a connect with the person. An email addressed to the person always grabs their attention and ensures the person reads the email and there is further involvement.

  • Your email should not be more than 500-650 pixels wide. A template with more than 650 pixels means scrolling to read the entire message which is a tad cumbersome when doing the same on the mobile devices. Thus, do not ignore the pixel width.

  • Display the brand or company logo in the centre or upper-left-hand side of the email. Research has shown that viewers look for logos on the top left-hand side as most businesses have it there on the web. Branding at the beginning is always a good idea as that way the clients know the email is from you.

  • Your subject line should not only be catchy/attractive but give an incentive to the viewer to open the email. It could be an offer, a sale, a deal, a discount, a voucher, or a gift. Anything to grab attention and get a higher open rate. Have a decent incentive themed subject line.

  • Add a "subscribe" option/link/button at the end of each newsletter/marketing series so that if your content is shared by receivers with people in their social circles, the chances of them also subscribing to your newsletters etc is greater.

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