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How Slack Helps Revenue Increase For Sales Departments


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Slack now a part of Salesforce bouquet of offerings is known primarily as a tool of communication. However, if you ask the sales personnel of companies using it that it can be also turned into a medium of clinching deals and ramping up sales. In this blog, we look at ways that this can be achieved. 

Replace emails with real-time #buyer channels. Emails have been the traditional medium of official communication and tends to be so. But it can be time consuming and so slow. Thus, in order to speed up matters smart salespeople are now turning to Slack. Slack Connect enables users to shift conversations with clients, partners, and other stakeholders out of email and into Slack. The company can create slack channels for each client, share the channel with the client and send a link for them to log into. Thus, there is instant connectivity and communication as opposed to long drawn email threads. A survey by IDC revealed that sales teams are able to handle prospective clients 20% faster thanks to Slack being used as a tool by them. Communication becomes agile and simpler.   Slack Connect links clients and partners into the sales cycle so a user can monitor progress, get alerted on potential road bumps and be on top of forthcoming renewals. Slack bots can ramp up your client outreach, letting users to do them together for micro accounts.

Make the induction process of new sales personnel simpler and faster. You can send out invites to new joinees to join a channel for all questions, documents and conversations. Make it a one - stop resource for the entire induction program, training etc. Slack vastly improves the new employee experience, reducing the attrition levels and as well as grooming the sales personnel. New joinees can learn from others and put it to good use to increase the effectiveness. With all the help and documentation on one channel, the sales team blazes forth with gusto and success at every step.

Create slack channels for relevant departments to collaborate on particular opportunities. Since sales is a team effort requiring many departments coming together, it is ideal if channels are created for all stakeholders to collaborate to close a deal. This accelerates the process and meets all the requirements to convert leads into clients / deals etc. Bring down the silos between departments that hamper deal closing by the sales department. A recent survey of sales teams revealed that Slack is bringing everyone together and helps the sales team to better understand & communicate with other teams.  

We hope the above reasons to adopt Slack for your sales team motivate you to get it, if not already. Salesforce Slack and other specific cloud offerings such as Salesforce Sales cloud are the right digital tools for enhancing productivity and revenue in these turbulent times. Get in touch with us to know which tools are a " must have " in your tech stack.

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