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Successful Salesforce CRM Health check

Checklist For Successful Salesforce CRM Health Check

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Checklist For Successful Salesforce CRM Health Check

Salesforce CRM Health check lets you view the security settings within your system such as login access policies, password policies, network sessions, etc. It is available for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. The editions that support Health check are Professional, Developer, Unlimited and Performance editions. It is an economical way to check if your organization is benefitting from Salesforce CRM and the best ways to fuel growth & efficiencies.

Please find below Checklist for successful salesforce CRM health check:

General:  See if there are limits applied for rules, apex triggers, apex classes as well as the integrations are using a decent amount of API calls in the API Usage section on the same page. Check if the documentation for customisations has been done.

Process Builder and Workflow rules:  Hopefully these have been defined. The team members must be aware that creating Process builder and Workflow rules directly in production can disrupt automation and affect real data. A ground rule to execute unit tests must be prepared.

Apex: You would need to check the percentage of unit-test coverage, how the unit-tests are using asserts if the unit tests are not failing, if the code is annotated and has commented, Run static code analysis tools like Checkmarx, Sonarqube or PMD, the sizes of methods, the size of the classes and so on.

Development flow and automation: Guidelines for automation must be prepared. Peer or the manager review process is running. A source control tool must be used. Static code analysis must be considered as well as automatic tests. Check for automation for deployments.

Visualforce: You must check if the pages have been structured, state size of the most complex pages, load times of the most important pages, cross-site scripting and SOQL injection vulnerabilities, your pages have unused libraries and images and scripts are size-optimized.

Lightning and Javascript: Here your checklist should include that the lightning components use Javascript helpers and logic is divided into the small readable method, the loading time of the components using browser developer tools, the components use data caching where possible, the components use Lightning Data Service where possible, the components have unused libraries and that the development team is using linting for Javascript

Security: Check your org and fix issues with the Salesforce security check.

With the above pointers, your salesforce CRM health check should yield the desired result. Your Health check score is arrived at by a comprehensive formula (based on a number of settings) that determines how well the current security settings meet the Salesforce Baseline Standard. Settings that match/exceed compliance raise your score.

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