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Earlier known as Map Anything, Salesforce Maps is a paid add on that integrates effortlessly with your Salesforce and can be used on the go on your Salesforce Mobile App. It is a location focused CRM connecting your mobile employees to their work, enhancing higher revenue performance, and better customer experiences through its process.

Once Salesforce Maps has been installed it can be accessed either through a tab or through the App Launcher. Your screen will then display a map and you are given the option to add different layers. Marker Layers display markers for the records that you have defined, such as All Active Accounts. You also have the option to define the data you would like to be shown when you click on a Marker under the Tool Tips tab.

Using the Routes Tab, Salesforce Maps allow you to plan your day using the optimal route based on the client contact details entered for the day. It will show the optimised route with both travel times and distances between each Account. It also has a provision of a live tracking facility where you can monitor the movement of each team member on the field. There is a provision to create other types of layers as well, such as a Shape Layer, which allows you to define borders on the map. If you divide your territories according to district zones, you can show these territories using a Shape Layer. 

Here are some ways that Salesforce Maps will help companies in their growth:

Change the customer buying experience - This tool provides a location-based view of crucial customer data easily accessible from a mobile or desktop, empowering concerned team members to cut down on time spent planning and more time building meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers in real-time.  Team members working in the field now have a clearer picture into their territory. A member can now log into CRM to visualize their territory using live data like opportunity size or last-visit data to schedule their visits.

Easily accessible data - It is easy to use hence productivity increases. It can be accessed from any location and updates are also easily done.

Decoding big data - As Forrester writes in Now Tech: Location Intelligence Technologies, one of the core benefits of location intelligence is to democratize spatial insights for the business user. Data is easy on the eye and presented visually to help team members make vital decisions. It extends intelligent decision making, right from the frontline salespeople to the top management such as CEO or CFO. It intelligently creates sales territories that give all sales personnel an even playing field to achieve their targets.

Salesforce map not only improves productivity but also facilitates deeper engagement with valuable clients and prospects. It allows for a better understanding of hard-to-find data on a map-based interface and reaches location-driven decisions that drive productivity. The multi-national Michelin Tyres Company of France uses this tool and has greatly benefitted from its features.  Make a similar decision like Michelin and reap the harvest.

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