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Salesforce administrators in Salesforce companies have new features to look forward to in the Summer 2023 release. Here are some of them which caught our attention as Salesforce companies, and we are happy to share them with the Codleo community. Happy reading.

Here are the top Salesforce Summer 2023 features for admins as per Salesforce companies:
Lightning app builder

Dynamic Forms creates user focussed, perceptive page layouts that show the relevant data at the relevant period. Users can show or hide fields & field sections in real-time, based on yardsticks laid down.  This feature can be used via cell devices in beta.

Align Fields Horizontally in Field Sections. This modification horizontally lines up fields with their neighbors in the same row, enhancing the visual appeal of any page.


Restrict the Number of Inactive Picklist Values. This change was revealed in Spring 2023 but validated later in Summer 2023. The change restricts the number of inactive picklist values in a custom picklist field to 4000. Earlier, the restrictions could have been done away with, now with the latest release, it no longer exists.

Users can now handle & update the picklist values for the “Salutation” field in Lightning Experience. Earlier users had to revert to the Salesforce Classic to amend the same.

Our next update has no relation with the tech side of work, but it reflects the changes in social mores. A new salutation has found its way to Salesforce. It Mx.  Admins need to modify the picklist so it's available for viewing/usage. The demand for diversity & inclusivity is omnipresent and the new salutation reflects the same say Salesforce companies. So, for those who wish to identify themselves as gender non-binary or neutral, this is the way to go in SFDC. Tech is representing real life say Salesforce companies.

Reports and Dashboards

Improve the Visualisations With pictures, Rich Text, and Dashboard Widgets.

This feature can add rich text fields & pictures to dashboards. This can be accessed by the Unlimited Edition clients. It’s a minor modification but it aids in the creation of aesthetic, educational, & appealing dashboards that wow users & important stakeholders. The result is an uptick in user adoption & engagement.  Begin by a click “+ Widget” & select the type of widget to add when editing a dashboard.

Post Lightning Dashboards in Slack. With the “Post to Slack” option present on dashboards, you can share Lightning dashboards in Slack. Viewers can see the dashboards, share, subscribe, and view them in Salesforce.


Configuring field-level security for a field on permission sets is accessible to confirm Salesforce companies. The update includes an upgrade that lets users view each permission set’s object permissions for the field’s object remaining on the same page.

We are sure you enjoyed reading our selection of top features for Salesforce admins who work with Salesforce companies, in the Summer 2023 release. If you wish to read a blog on a topic of interest pertaining to Salesforce companies, then do write to us and we will see its feasibility.

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