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"In teamwork, silence isn't golden, it's deadly."

— Mark Sanborn, Author 

We are all entering unchartered territory thanks to the Coronavirus and don’t we all wish that 2020 will end quickly? While countries around the world have imposed or getting out of strict lockdowns, it’s the workplace that is changing and in ways, we can’t even imagine. One of the ways is that more and more businesses will allow their employees to work from home.

More employees will want to be home rather than going to offices in public transport and socialize in air-conditioned offices. Social distancing, safety, and security are going to be paramount. In this situation, we need to redraw office etiquettes and communication strategies like never.


remote working communication

In this blog, we examine some communication errors while working/managing remote team members: 

Webcam During Meetings – It’s advisable for all members during teleconferencing to have their video mode on so that everyone is visible to all. This enables members to read body language, facial cues, etc 

Avoid Tagging @all – Tagging everyone is the new age equivalent of the annoying habit of “replying all” option on email. Please don’t do so. Tag/reply all to only those who are relevant to the situation. It just adds to the clutter leading to mental fatigue which we can all avoid on the day of tech overdose. 

Transparency – Create a system /mechanism where team members can update their current status, taking breaks, etc. This enables transparency in the team and increases trust among them. Everyone does not need to be logged in all the time, this is the great part of WFH.

remote team meeting

Communication – Under or over communication are both problems. Working with remote team members, it’s imperative to communicate effectively at the same time remain focused on the task at hand. Keep emails for non-urgent communication and instant messaging services for urgent messaging. 

Keep It Professional – Limit or negate the efforts of certain members in the team to contribute posts, messages, etc which have nothing to do with office work at all.  There are other mediums and time for them to bring in their personal lives but not during office hours. 

Working remotely in the Himalaya on a cultural project, Dr. Sonali G from the USA says” I have been able to work more effectively on the field using tech tools and collaborating with the main team in the University in California thanks to the option of remote work concept which was not an option till a few years ago”. 

Working from home on a large scale is new to all of us. Some businesses are reluctant to go that way but then when they see the benefits there will be a sea change in attitude. Accordingly, behavior, attitude, etiquette will all have to evolve organically keeping in mind fresh new scenarios. How has been your remote work experience? Share your story, we would love to hear. 


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