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Salesforce Inc is one of the many CRM companies in the market, but it is number 1. Do you know why it's number 1? In a nutshell, here are two reasons why most companies ( 1 in 2 ) prefer to adopt Salesforce's full stack of goodies in their tech kitty. Low code and highly customizable = an unbeatable combo. The company has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1999 under the leadership of Marc Benioff. The company has increased its offering for different industries and profiles such as sales cloud, non-profit cloud, and health cloud.

Salesforce Inc. has nearly 1.5 lakhs of Salesforce partner companies worldwide including yours truly. These Salesforce partner companies are registered and licensed to sell Salesforce licenses and customize their large kitty of tools for businesses. The partners are put on a pyramid of hierarchy based on certain criteria – Base, Ridge, and the highest Summit tier. We are now a summit tier partner, a big achievement and so proud of it. Ensuring the name of a partner remains high and glorious is a large team of salesforce specialists in various domains. One of these domains is Salesforce consultants in Salesforce partner firms. Our blog is today on this career profile as well as its importance to their employers (best salesforce partner) and clients.

Why Salesforce Consultant Certifications are valued by Salesforce partner companies?

Stamp of knowledge – Getting a diploma, certificate or degree is a validation/proof of your acquiring skills/education/knowledge that will hold you in value in the work market. It affirms to the world that your skill set has some value and that you have passed the minimum requirement to be a great professional.

More efficiency – Certified Salesforce Consultant means that you are smart & productive at work and that you have the ability to get the work done in the best way possible. The use of best practices is a given in salesforce partners. They inspire confidence in clients who can leave the work to the best professionals who are certified by the Salesforce universe itself.

Catalysts for business growth and turnaround - With their knowledge and consultancy, these professionals affect a turnaround for companies that are stagnant or worse in decline. They are therefore much sought after for the value they bring onboard with their certifications and knowledge. Business is bright with such professionals by their side reveals a Salesforce partner.

Good source of revenueCertified consultants are worth their weight in gold. There is a big demand for them as more companies are opting for Salesforce in large numbers, especially in emerging markets such as India. So, since they come at a premium, it is good news for their employers the Salesforce partner, who can bill their clients accordingly.



About the Author

Arun Jangra

Arun is a 5x Salesforce certified Developer with an overall work experience of 9 years. He is very organised and uses his skill set & knowledge to deliver out-of-box solutions.

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