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“As a consultant, if you don’t specialize, then it’s hard to get great at one thing. It’s hard to attract your ideal customer because your message is as diffused as your offer. What I find is the path for new consultants, distill down then when you think you are done, distill down further and get down to your core offering. –  Quote by Rob Malec, Clarity Coaching Client

To enable businesses, to enhance their usage of the Salesforce org, its tools, and its features, Best Salesforce partners like Codleo globally offer consulting services. Included in Salesforce consulting services is a review of client information & usage patterns, Salesforce personalisation to meet specific business needs, data migration and integration, and anything else needed by the business. To get top-quality Salesforce consulting services, businesses need to partner with Salesforce consultants.

Below is the list of services performed by Salesforce consultants:
  • Gathering of requirements and analysis. Salesforce consultants engage intensively with all teams/stakeholders to gather information on their needs, issues, and challenges. This is important to collate and study so that tech solutions can be suggested to the business by the Salesforce consultants.

  • Data migration. Transferring data from legacy systems etc. to Salesforce CRM comes under the domain of Salesforce consultants.  It includes review, cleaning, and migration. It's essential that only relevant, clean, and accurate data makes its way to the Salesforce org.

  • Implementation of any and all Salesforce products by the Salesforce consultants. This includes Salesforce personalisation to meet business processes, data migration from legacy systems, and Salesforce integration service with different tools, apps, and systems in use by a company or intention to use.

  • Training of users. User adoption is a pain, especially of new tech tools. This is based on my personal experience. Salesforce consultants deliver customised training sessions/modules based on profiles or departments. These trainings are engaging, practical, and relevant for the users. Thus, user adoption is ensured.

  • Support services. Salesforce support and maintenance services are important services provided by Salesforce consultants. This includes fixing issues, comprehensive support for users, and carrying regular upgrades & maintenance. This way the business performs optimally, and its team can focus on growing the business, leaving all salesforce work to experienced personnel.

  • Integration with tools and apps. Salesforce org integration with existing apps and tools is another important function performed by Salesforce consultants. They execute it as seamlessly as possible. This way no switching between screens and productivity is high.

Call Codleo Salesforce consultants to discover how we can transform your business with a great tech stack and our in-depth consultancy. We are only an email away.

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