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“ChatGPT is a significant step towards the development of more advanced AI systems that can understand and generate human-like language.” – Quote by David Ha, Research Scientist, Google Brain.

Chat GPT is the hottest tech topic and this is established by the way that it reached a million users within 5 days of its launch late last year. For those who are wondering how can generative AI (the tech term for such chatbots) can be used, look no further. Below are 5 ways to use it now say Salesforce consulting services companies. 

Some of the top ways to use Chat GPT are:
  1. Generate content for usage in different mediums – Blogs or portal content or social media text, all can now benefit from Chat GPT. It can be used to create content that has to be generic in nature. Thereafter the human staff has to step in to review and amend the content. Be careful of inaccurate content or even duplicate text. For more info, call Codleo Salesforce consulting services.

  2. Assist in generating ideas & inspiring creativity – Suffering from writer’s block? Stuck for ideas? Is creativity taking a break? Use Chat GPT or its ilk to generate ideas and creative solutions. Ask generalized questions to get answers. For example, “suggest blog topic options on Chat GPT “or  “Best restaurants in South Delhi serving Italian “. People are already using it for this purpose, and so should you. Writers in Salesforce partner companies are using it.

  3. Role play - It’s not what you think. Now now. Users can get Chat GPT to act as a writer, restaurateurs, analysts, or designers. Thereafter it will take on this “persona” and its answers to questions will be molded. AI Chatbots have been tested to write interesting and entertaining content. They are being used to curate strategies to focus on hiring for suitable roles within organisations such as Salesforce consulting services companies.

  4. Assistance with coding – Salesforce developers in Salesforce consultive services companies can take the help of Chat GPT to generate codes. They are asking Chat GPT a series of coding questions that range from generic to specific asks like ‘locate any bugs within this code’. The ability to write & comprehend basic code allows Chat GPT to assist users to create web pages, games, and apps, as well as play the role of a debugging assistant & tool. Salesforce developers in Salesforce consultive services companies need to use Chat GPT to their advantage. Good for developers in Salesforce consultive services companies.

  5. Use it to learn new things – Keep your grey cell ticking. Its important to keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay. To keep the neurons flickering, keep your mind busy and alert. Learn a new hobby, a language, an art, or a craft. This is where Chat GPT can be useful. Use it to get initial information on things as diverse as “how to make a mug cake” or “the art of origami”, even “ how to play the flute”. Isn't that so cool? What do you wanna learn?  You could even get it to get basic information on different topics for study or work purposes.

As you can see from the above, Chat GPT or EinsteinGPT from the house of Salesforce Inc is here to revolutionize the way we study/work or operate. Embrace the tomorrow and reap the fruits. We as a Salesforce consulting services company will keep bringing you blogs on hot topics of the day. Namaste, and have a good day.


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Gaurav Pundir

Gaurav is a 7x Salesforce certified Developer with an experience of 3 years in the Salesforce ecosystem. He has worked on projects in the insurance and manufacturing domain.

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