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Donors opening their purses and shelling out funds regularly is the dream of all NGOs.  Each donor can make a difference, but they don’t like to be taken for granted. It is therefore imperative that NGOs tread a fine line to motivate the donors, first-time or regulars to be generous to their cause/projects. To assist NGOs in wooing and nurturing donors, we as Salesforce Consulting Partners have listed some tips below. Happy reading.

Top tips for NGOs to woo donors as per Salesforce Consulting Partners are:
  1. Use data analytics.  Use data analytics tools to get visibility. The information enables personalisation of communication and engagement strategies to match personal preferences. Salesforce has an interesting out-of-the-box report functionality, which, enables users to sieve data & segment by different fields. Ideal if you are using the Nonprofit Success Pack or the latest tech tool from Salesforce with the Nonprofit Cloud. If you want to better spot trends and forecast results, deep dive into CRM Analytics, which allows users to leverage advanced AI models designed for these purposes.

  2. Champion of customised content. To traverse the personalised content road, all correspondence such as emails, newsletters, and social media posts will address donors by name and mention their previous donations. The correspondence will refer to areas of good work that strike a chord. This customisation reveals that you have noticed their contribution and value their support. Plenty of options to begin this journey, from integration between the website & Salesforce to making use of Salesforce Experience Cloud. On this customised member/donor portal, businesses and users can customise content thanks to the information present in the CRM. So, whenever stakeholders log in, personalised content that reflects their history with the NGO and the information about them that is available.  Einstein AI is leveraged to offer the next best steps.

  3. Curate personalised donating opportunities. NGOs should want each donor to view a relevant donation page or a customised one. If they are generous with their purse, the suggested amount should reflect the history. If a particular cause or project resonates with them, it should be reflected in the content. Motivate first-time donors to keep being generous. A payment management solution that’s built on the Salesforce platform and implemented by Salesforce Consulting Partners makes it simpler to have multiple donation pages for different projects or causes.  Since this enables you to use the many Salesforce functionalities, this solution allows NGOs to do the above-listed activities but with automation.

  4. Use marketing automation. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is ideal for NGOs to personalise their marketing campaigns. This super solution deployed via Salesforce Consulting Partners,  allows NGOs to launch relevant and intensive engagements with donors on different channels – such as email, social media, WhatsApp, or postal mail. Any NGO needs to look beyond the basic tech tools to leverage the power that tech tools such as Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Consulting Partners bring with them. The returns in time pay off the financial investment in this tool.

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