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In today’s blog, we cast a light on the Top Salesforce products in 2024 that need to be in every company’s tech stack for this year and beyond. These are the leading Salesforce products that you need to know about so that you know which ones will be making an impact in your company, be it small or big, in any domain,  in Paris or Poona.

Here is our list of Top Salesforce products in 2024:
  1. Sales Cloud: Looking to increase your sales this year? Sales figures are plateauing? At a loss on how to convert more leads into sales? Well, Salesforce Sales Cloud is here. Make your business more agile and smarter by selling from anywhere, anytime, via the supercharged Salesforce Sales Cloud. This Salesforce Sales Cloud specialises in promoting the robustness of the sales team, leading to an increase in sales and revenue generation. Its unique features enable the curation of a streamlined sales process, give access to end-to-end details of all clients and leads, and provide holistic client communication via multiple channels. Deploy it with our famed Salesforce Implementation Services.

  2. Revenue Cloud: Ease complicated revenue processes with automation and holistic Salesforce revenue cloud implementation. Salesforce Revenue Cloud enables companies to take charge of revenue growth across every channel. A main component of Salesforce Customer 360, Revenue Cloud has a solitary data model fueling the complete revenue lifecycle. It combines Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ), Billing, Partner Relationship Management, and B2B Commerce functionality. Salesforce Implementation Services by Codleo is the best.

  3. Service Cloud: Become the darling of your clients. Wow them with customer service that others can only talk about. How do you accomplish this?  The Salesforce Services Cloud is a tool that revamps the entire client servicing process, making it more agile and efficient. Empower your clients with different self-service options. Aid clients by linking them to knowledge articles, account information, and the right community members. Clients will love the digital, holistic experience of the Salesforce Service Cloud deployed by our Salesforce Implementation Services. Customer service and customer delight are within easy reach.

  4. Analytics Cloud: What does a company need with all the data that is pouring into its kitty daily? Make sense of it and use it to its advantage. Isnt it? The tool helps companies stay ahead of others. It aids in making strategies, plans, and meaningful action with the help of business intelligence insights in beautiful data visualizations & engaging dashboards. It’s implemented via our Salesforce Implementation Services.

  5. Pardot: More people will wake up to the power that this tool will bring to the table with its many marketing capabilities. It delivers robust marketing automation to assist marketing & sales teams in finding and nurturing prospects, closing more deals, and increasing ROI. Pardot includes email drip campaigns and prospect management with nurturing, scoring, and campaign segmentation. It also comes with analytics and marketing ROI tracking. Be a marketing whiz who works smartly with Pardot, among the top Salesforce products for 2024. We implement Pardot via our pocket-friendly Salesforce Implementation Services.

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Mohit is Practice Lead, 15x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce trainer, blogger, writer, and full-time husband. With over 8 years of experience implementing Salesforce, and an obsession for innovation, ready to tackle any new project that comes his way.

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