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NGO contact centres need Service Cloud


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NGOs ( big or small, grassroots or funding agencies ) do a massive amount of good work.  They step into the shoes of public bodies & governments. As governments can’t be everywhere and do everything,  NGOs step in. In their quest to reach a wider number of beneficiaries, they need all the help says Salesforce Platinum partners. The use of tech tools might seem incongruous but tools like Salesforce Service Cloud are enablers to them and their teams in their drive to be efficient & productive.  This blog focuses on Salesforce Service Cloud, its contact centers, and the work of Salesforce Platinum partners. Let’s read. 

Here are some interesting facts about NGOs you did not know: 

  • 3 out of 4 employees are women 

  • 1 in 10 people in the USA works in the NGO sector 

  • If all the NGOs came together, they would form the 5th largest country 

  • India has 1 NGO for 400 people 

  • Over 80% of Canadians donate to NGOs regularly  

  • Salesforce Platinum partners are also big on donations 

Here are listed the top reasons for Salesforce Service Cloud for NGOs that are implemented by Salesforce Platinum partners: 

  • It supports a range of contact centre requirements. Salesforce Service Cloud is created to support contact centres via omnichannel, self-service, and live correspondence, such as internet, email, chat, social media, cell phone, and voice. The disconnected platform of yore is now transforming itself into the premier engagement body for an NGO. The quality of experience that any stakeholder ( donor , volunteer, volunteer or partner NGO ) has can make or break an NGO and its reputation. With the service team empowered to be more efficient, it means that more funds are available for tech upgrades / infrastructure or spend in other critical areas.  Salesforce Service Cloud is centered on empowering employees / service agents / call centre people, giving them access to tools & information in one  cloud based place. Contact centre agents oversee handling cases as they increase over time and Salesforce Service Cloud’s Console lets them multitask over different mediums & cases. During the Salesforce Service Cloud project, it’s common to configure the system to build workflows to deliver automated processes & use Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) for intelligent routing, next best actions, and chat texts. 

  • Leverage the powers of the Salesforce platform. This allows all data to be stored for usage by all in one centralised cloud. Hence there is freedom from disconnected or siloed data. Team members in the company have a holistic view of all leads & clients and their interactions with the business. It has so many advantages that can be leveraged by the NGOs and their service contact centre team, courtesy of Salesforce Platinum partners. 

  • Empowers virtual & scattered teams. Traditional call centre systems are built on servers etc. Since tech tools built on the Salesforce platform are on the cloud, the Service Cloud can be used anywhere and anytime. Thus, agents sitting in Palampur, Palanpur, Puri, or Purnea can work efficiently remotely or in a hybrid model. Be productive remotely says Salesforce Platinum partners. 

Salesforce Service Cloud is best implemented by Salesforce Platinum partners like Codleo. Discover its many virtues, contact us as Salesforce Platinum partners for an engagement session. 

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