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“SEO is not something you do anymore, it’s what happens when you do everything else right” – Quote by Chad Pollitt.

One of the most in–demand professions in the past few years is digital marketing. Every brand has realised the effectiveness of digital marketing and the need to hand over their social/digital marketing to professionals like Codleo. Digital marketing is fun, focused, and wholesome. Who are these people who have made digital marketing their career? Today we delve into the topic that vexes many. What qualities should a digital marketing person who wants to work in Salesforce Consulting possess? Read below to get our perspective.

Here is Codleo’s list of top qualities that a digital marketer working in Salesforce Consulting should possess:
  • Flexible approach – To begin with let me say that being flexible is a desirable quality in all humans, all professionals in industries such as Salesforce Consulting, and not limited to digital marketers only. One needs to be open to change and adapt as situations evolve. The nature of the industry is such that for one to thrive, one must be flexible at work. As things move at the speed of sound, flexibility is a mandate.

  • Solutions superhero – A good digital marketer needs to be someone who has aces up their sleeves. Challenges and problems are a part of the life of a digital marketer. Being adept at finding solutions, planning, and setting goals is part of the job profile. A sharp mind is needed to be a problem solver says Salesforce Consulting companies.

  • Creative by nature – People in digital marketing tend to be creative confirm Salesforce Consulting services firms. They have backgrounds in design, content, graphics, and so on. Being quirky and innovative is required in this industry. Keeping ahead of the competition and being aware of trends is important.

  • Data analysis – They need to have an analytical mind. Make sense of the data flooding in and take remedial actions/strategies. Learn what is working and what is not. This is important for any marketer or for anyone working in Salesforce Consulting. Being aware of trends and gauging the success of any campaign helps to plan.

  • Eye for details – A sharp eye for details is needed to be a good digital marketer. The devil lies in the detail. Plans, actions, or situations need to be minutely vetted, as small or inconsequential details can end up ruining the project/post or campaign. This is a quality that needs to be nurtured. Do you have an eye for details?

If you are looking at being a marketer in the digital space or are already in it, then this blog is for you and how to make your career. Codleo Best Salesforce Partner has a great digital marketing team with clients globally in different domains.


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Akansha Singh

Akansha is a Digital Consultant having rich experience in Organic as well as Paid Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Email Marketing and also in Social Media Management. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning.

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