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Success for your brand in the 21st century revolves around widely popular and economical Digital Marketing services. In this blog, we examine the various components of a successful Digital Marketing service and how you can leverage the same to be a winner to the bank. Happy reading.

How You Can Leverage Digital Marketing Services For Success?
  1. Design & build a scintillating website. This is a company’s signature, a calling card. A place where everyone interested in the wares/services of a company wants to visit and browse. It’s your advertisement as part of your Digital marketing service. The website needs to be detailed in terms of text and images, relevancy, and messaging. Make sure it's aesthetic, is not cluttered, and within easy access to the audience with organic SEO work.

  2. Obtain a domain name. The primary step in creating a website is registering the domain name. A well-known business can use its name in the domain provided it is not already in use. is one example of a registrar for internet domain names. These can be bought for an annual fee to be renewed every year. You can also find other registrars.

  3. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. The processes used to enhance search engine rankings are known as  ‘ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)’. Google is the premier search engine though others exist too. An SEO expert as part of a Digital marketing service team helps you increase the ranking/profile/visibility of your site, so it keeps coming among the top search results (preferably in the top 20).

  4. Search Engine Marketing or SEM. This is a good way to drive an audience to your site and an important component of Digital marketing services provided by firms like Codleo. Paying the search engine to ensure that your listing is on top of the first page is widely used. You can too. Google Adwords is an example of an SEM product for use, in the market. A paid search result is marked by the word ‘Ad’ before the website. Organic search results for keywords are different. Google Adwords is great for providing data about the success of the campaign, ROI obtained via the campaign, as well as data on the number of clicks, number of conversions, orders, revenues, and so on. SEM is always good to improve the audience of your website.

  5. Email marketing – Though many say that emails are passe, nothing is further from the truth. It is still an effective component of Digital marketing services. It is tried and tested and gets results. Prompt content needs to be focused and relevant. Bombarding by email is not advisable. Well, thought strategy that can be used consistently. Give your Digital marketing service a boost.

  6. Social Media Marketing or SMM. The use of various social media channels that are in the market for marketing purposes is defined as SMM. It is integral to Digital marketing services in the 21st century. It needs concerted effort over time and yields good results.

Digital Marketing services of experts like Codleo are what you need to win this game. Call us to get details and pricing in a discovery session.


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Akansha Singh

Akansha is a Digital Consultant having rich experience in Organic as well as Paid Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Email Marketing and also in Social Media Management. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning.

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