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Marketing teams need to be always vigilant with the latest new developments, news, trends, competition, and so on to be effective in their job. To help them in 2024, we as Salesforce Consulting Partners have compiled some trends that in 2024 will be in the limelight. These trends cover a range of issues.

The top marketing trends in 2024 as per Salesforce Consulting Partners are:
  1. Marketing + AI automation. Linking AI with marketing changes how businesses review information, customise channel experiences, and enhance campaigns. For Example, AI-powered chatbots and messaging apps are changing client engagement by delivering customised experiences & quick solutions, which leads to authentic client bonds. This year AI AI-fuelled marketing tools like chatbots & predictive analytics will gain traction with marketers.

  2. Hyper customisation remains center stage. With enhancements in AI and machine learning, sales & marketing departments can access a large cache of client information to produce personalised content, suggestions, and offers. Businesses must manage customer data as professionals with robust measures & policies. Businesses need to be transparent about data usage and seek consent from the data source.

  3. Collaboration with mini-influencers. This is the age of influencers especially those who are authentic and connect with their audiences. Marketers will seek to collaborate with mini-influencers whose following is about 10000 or so. These mini-influencers are engaged with their audience and command respect. They value authenticity and make for an ideal partnership that can be a win-win for both sides.

  4. Marketing via short videos. Social media posts that are text and images are so passe. Consumers now seek short videos that are informative and problem-solving. Short-duration videos and live streaming are becoming important in video marketing. Businesses that use these trends will be ahead of rivals and convey their brand messages in a way that resonates with younger audiences.

  5. Social commerce. The lines between ecommerce portals and social media channels are blurring. People now expect to make purchases via social media channels. Shortly, big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc will include more prominent shopping features to elevate user experience. This includes optimised shopping journeys, improved goods discovery, and immersive experiences to improve selling.

  6. Marketing Cloud. The journey to onboard a CRM for the marketing team via Salesforce Consulting Partners will be prominent in 2024. More companies are seeing the value of a tech tool that drives efficiency, productivity, client experience, and ROI. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the leader of the pack and most future-savvy businesses are using the same thanks to Salesforce Consulting Partners.

  7. Data protection will be in focus. Audiences are very concerned about their information, its protection, and the businesses that receive them. Companies such as Salesforce Consulting Partners will have to use tech tools, and robust best practices and train their staff to be vigilant. This is going to be a leading trend in 2024 and beyond.

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