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We hope you enjoyed reading the first part of our blog on top trends for social media for 2021. We bring you some more exciting and innovative trends you can capitalise on and get a first movers advantage. So let's read on and use the same for our businesses.

Continuing our look at the top trends for social media for 2021:

  • Considered Social Media Posts - To be on the minds of the social media audience use the power of social media with great thought and consideration. On Instagram and Pinterest, beautiful photos are a must whereas, on Facebook, multimedia is the way to go. Collaboration on social media with other companies in the same domain or selling similar products is another emerging unique trend. Social media posts should be a mix of hard sell and personal, a mix to keep the viewers engaged. 59% of clients want to see social media which is educative/informative.

  • Social Shopping Popular – Social commerce is the next big trend which is slowly gaining popularity across the world. Basically, it means giving clients the option to buy a product right from the social media platform itself. Isn't that great? Examples are Facebook Marketplace where many are using it now to sell items (800 million users in over 70 nations). This is a trend that is popular in countries like China where the youth are using these platforms to buy in large numbers. This is popular because there is no redirecting to another site or wastage of time. You see, you click, you buy. As per feedback, around 30% of online consumers say they would like to purchase on social media networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter.

Social media ads

  • Social Ads for Leads – Social ads are in vogue for two reasons: youngsters are taking them seriously on social media platforms as well as changing algorithms were resulting in a decline in ads unless paid ads.  Using ads on social media keep a business on the eyes and the minds of the targeted audiences with focused outreach. So the number of companies willing to pay for ads on popular mediums such as FB, Twitter, and Insta is on the rise year after year. Twitter earned U $ 665 million in revenue in 2018. $ 575 million was from advertising.

  • Social Media Messaging – In this era of instant messaging, customers want engagement, solutions, and responses on a quick note. This is enabled with instant messaging services such as WhatsApp which is popular in India and now getting big worldwide. The demanding customers want all forms of engagement on all types of platforms (public or private).  Whatsapp numbers need to be kept, circulated to all, and manned by responsive team members.

We hope you enjoyed reading our two part series on social trends for the coming year. If you have any social trends which may have been left out, do share with us. Keep tuning in for more exciting blogs shortly.


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