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how to be good in sales

7 Tips On Being Good In Sales

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7 Tips On Being Good In Sales

In order to be good in sales, a person must be disciplined, with habits and patterns refined over time to work best. In this blog, we have put together some tips on how to be a productive and successful salesperson. Hope it is of help to you!  

Remove unproductive prospects – A good salesperson will focus time and energy on leads that are most likely to convert into a sale. Therefore, the salesperson must set the criteria/benchmark for determining whether a lead will convert or not. Ask relevant questions to see whether the lead is actually worth investing time or a waste of time. If it’s the latter then politely and respectfully end the conversation.  

Use data from your CRM – If the organization has access to a CRM then use the data in it to get useful information on leads. With relevant and detailed data, the salesperson makes much more impact during an engagement with leads. CRM data also helps in forecasting better.  Plus, CRM automates manual repetitive and mundane tasks which save many man-hours which are diverted to other gainful tasks. So, if your company not have a CRM so far, it’s time to get one.   

Harness the power of the cell phone – With salespeople always on the go, the best friend for a good salesperson is the mandatory cell phone. The cell phone comes with many useful tools that can be used regularly such as video conferencing, calendars, mobile CRM as well as voice memos. With the phone in your hand, your mobile office is ready.

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Focus on qualitative lead channels – As a successful and good salesperson, the focus is on those sales mediums which generate high-quality leads, where the highest conversions come from. So, if your data reveals that your biggest source of good quality leads is social media, then the focus should automatically go there.  

Invest in current relationships – Referrals and renewals form a significant chunk of any business. Therefore, it is wise to keep yourself invested in existing relationships and nurture them across time. Keep the engagement process ongoing and your efforts will pay dividends. Set aside them in your weekly calendar to meet or call existing clients just to touch base.  

Meet deadlines – As responsibilities and business growth, it's quite possible that tasks are forgotten and so on. It’s imperative to keep the focus on looming deadlines and try to meet them. If meeting a particular deadline seems tough, then inform the concerned people and propose a new deadline. To aid in your meeting deadlines, automate, or delegate work. Reduce the pressure and the workload to enable you to meet the set deadlines.  

Add value to every client engagement – Communicate with customers with new or helpful or relevant information & insights which bring meaning to the conversation. If there is nothing new to share, wait till you do have something worth sharing. For example, hotels can communicate on new deals or airlines can talk on new routes & fares. 

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