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“As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.” – Quote by Jonathan Lister, LinkedIn.

Pardot which belongs to the Salesforce family is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipelines, and empower sales to close more deals. As you can see, Pardot is a win-win solution for you. Just as big companies worldwide adopt Pardot, so can you. Doing it with an ethical and experienced partner company such as ours is the logical way forward. In this post blog, we are listing in brief certain basics that all Salesforce administrators should be aware of. Here we go!

The things all Salesforce admins should know are: 

  1. The term ‘ prospects ‘ is used with equal gravity for leads and contacts. Under this heading, records are parked in Pardot for all people. Pardot Prospects refer to either a Lead record or a Contact record in their terminology. Rifle through your Prospect database using the ‘Prospect List’, where pre-built filters should be made use of to speedily shortlist your selection. 

  2. Engagement history. It refers to all the Pardot activities under the Lead/Contact that show up on Salesforce. Some examples are Email Sent, File Download, and so on. You may add the Engagement History Lightning Component to your Lead and Contact Lightning Record Pages, and as long as there is an associated Prospect, the activities will be visual. 

  3. AMPSEA. It is an acronym that stands for “Allow Multiple Prospects with Same Email Address“. It refers to an account setting that lets 2 or more prospect records share the same email ID.  This lets the CRM ID become the unique source of identification for all. AMPSEA can causes issues for its users, so education/knowledge is a must on it.  

  4. Pardot objects In Salesforce. Pardot has made changes to transform the marketing resources in Pardot (such as forms, emails, landing pages, campaigns) into Salesforce records. These can be added to Salesforce Campaign page layouts under related lists. 

  5. For reports, Salesforce reports are the way to go. Administrators can set up Custom Report Types such as ‘Engagement History’. Those companies who are Pardot Plus or Advanced customer, B2BMA (B2B Marketing Analytics) is part of the product. 

  6. There are different user permissions. With Salesforce User Sync activated, you can link Salesforce Profiles to Pardot User roles. This is good to do but note that any roles currently set for your Pardot users will be overridden (so take an export before you enable Salesforce User Sync!) 

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