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Salesforce Slack Integration


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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. – Quote by the late George Bernard Shaw, writer.

Old habits indeed die hard. Most companies have yet to move beyond their legacy style of working and using tech tools. Teams and departments operate in silos. Information is protected by each like a precious jewel. Departments don’t communicate or collaborate. These operational hiccups prevent a business, big or small, in Burkina Fakos or East Timor, in health care or pharma, from being their optimal best. Luckily for businesses, these things can be a relic of the past. We can now deliver data to all, enable departments to exchange ideas and with all colleagues in one online home for collaboration - Slack everyone’s digital Head Quarters. Salesforce has put its weight on being the Slack platform to provide users with many ways to personalise Slack, automate workflows, and mold workspaces to suit the requirements of their teams.

Salesforce has a kitty of tools for getting Salesforce information, workflows, and apps into Slack seamlessly and speedily say Salesforce Platinum Partners. Thanks to Salesforce and Salesforce Platinum Partners, a holistic view of clients with the base where collaboration takes place, giving department teams – sales, service, or marketing etc. – valuable insights so they can use that information to make well-thought-out plans, strategies and action is now available.

Here are some role-wise customised Slack versions for you:
  • The Sales Cloud for Slack integration via Salesforce Platinum Partners enables personnel to speedily share & collaborate on lead updates in specific account channels. With Salesforce and account information present in Slack, all teams whether finance to legal can come together and help convert leads into sales. Team effort pays off. When teams can access client information & business insights via their Slack workflows, conversations become meaningful and productive. Way to go.

  • Thanks to Service Cloud for Slack integration performed by Best Salesforce Partners, the team can engage with the correct individuals in every department within their Slack for Service and get quick responses, with the activity logged in the Service Cloud. With the need for assistance on complex topics, they have instant access to experts in Slack channels, leading to relevant and quick case resolution. This fuels client loyalty and their becoming brand ambassadors confirm Salesforce Platinum Partners.

  • With the Marketing Cloud for Slack integration thanks to Salesforce Platinum Partners, Marketers undertake campaigns via Slack, instantly updating the Marketing Cloud data default. Messaging on prospect engagement & campaign insights, fuelled by Marketing Cloud information, is transported into campaign channels, enabling marketing teams to review & iterate on campaigns in real-time – within Slack. How cool is that? And how efficient is that?  Marketing teams can now sell smarter.

If you need to convert your internal communication & collaboration with a smart digital tool, then you do not need to look any further. Salesforce Slack works. We as Salesforce Global Partners are using it. And we as Best Salesforce Partners couldn’t be happier. Take it from a user first-hand.


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Shalini Sharma

Shalini heads pre-sales and the Human Resource Department with a focus on building processes, with a people-centred approach.

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