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Salesforce universe keeps expanding with new products, features, and enhanced editions being rolled out three times or so a year. In this blog, we examine the new features which form a part of the marketing cloud known as the January 2021 edition.

The new features in the latest edition of the marketing cloud 2021 January release are:

  • Datorama reports. Users may access the novel Email Studio and Journey Builder reporting powered by Datorama – the analytics arm of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It enhances work performance and improves client engagement which is so crucial. The reports within the marketing cloud via three features – dashboards, pivot tables, and scheduled reports. 

  • Customer 360 audiences refinement. The improvements to Customer 360 Audiences – Salesforce’s enterprise customer data platform (CDP), provides new avenues to enrich the consolidated client profile. Its new features include Web Tag and Mobile SDK, integration with curated loyalty programs for b2c and b2b clientele, as well as Realtime Profile API and Data Query API. 

  • Whatsapp chat messaging option. A new integration in Marketing Cloud enables users to send transactional and session messages to clients through the chat messaging medium. With WhatsApp as a medium of communication gaining popularity beyond its biggest market India, it makes sense to be on WhatsApp and communicate with clients through this instant messaging service. WhatsApp is now a popular business medium and has many advantages 

  • Datorama: Total Connect enhancements. This feature is a universal connector, automating the integration, ingestion, cleansing, and mapping of all your file-based reporting sources. Enhanced AI and data-mapping workflows make it simpler to integrate the entire marketing data. 

  • AMP for email studio. Send AMP-based messages via the Marketing Cloud to introduce novel interactive elements to emails. Construct emails that include real – time data. 

  • Pardot campaign cloning. This feature lets users replicate the success of prior efforts by re-creating related records for use in fresh campaign(s). Clones of landing pages, forms, form handlers, and links related to a campaign are possible, without harming the relationships between the cloned assets. 

  • Einstein learning centre. It connects AI marketing features to the company’s goals. List the company’s  top use cases and unpack how Einstein can help to achieve these goals.

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