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“ If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” –  Quote by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. 

Mala Suri, a Resident of NOIDA is quite nimble in the kitchen. She is known for her culinary skills especially her forte in making jams & jellies from seasonal fruits. Her homemade jams are sought after by her social connections across the country. She is being egged on by her family to convert this passion into a small enterprise. Would Salesforce Platinum partners be of help to her as she decides her future? 

Somita Suri, a resident of London England is an amateur artist and a graduate of a fine arts college. She dabbles in decorating items of daily use such as kettles & mugs and selling them online on a small scale. Her husband suggested that she take this forward with a proper plan, website, social media, and infrastructure. Would SFDC partners be of help to her as she decides her future and plans to launch a small business? 

Anushree Birla, a resident of Jaipur works with local block printers for which the area is famous. Cotton garments & home furnishings include table clothes, bed covers, cushion covers, and so on. She is now thinking of formalizing her involvement as she sees a bright future for this cottage industry and the lives of weavers. Can SFDC partners help her advance her plans? 

The answer is a big YES for all the ladies and their plans of opening formal small businesses. Be the proud owner of Salesforce Essentials. It is small business CRM basics to improve sales & service. It is the ideal CRM package for people like Mala and Anushree who are new to the concept of customer relationship management ( CRM ) systems. It’s the one platform where you nurture leads & clients. Keep them happy and scale over time. Small businesses use SFDC partners to deploy CRM to streamline their client information, oversee client relationships & enhance business goals. This is done by streamlining processes & enhancing employee productivity. CRM has the scope to be the one tool small businesses need by their side.  It helps a company to grow and manage its daily operations. This is all in conjunction with Salesforce Platinum partners

Some statistics of Salesforce CRM and your business: 

  • Get 30% more leads with the help of Salesforce 

  • Increase in customer delight by 25% 

  • Convert leads to customers by 25%  

Aren’t these great reasons for small businesses ( new or old ) to opt for Salesforce Essentials CRM? If I was a small business owner or thinking of opening one, seeing these figures, I would run to licensed Salesforce Platinum partners to engage with them. 

Salesforce & Salesforce Platinum partners enable a new business to automate mundane processes, allowing the staff to work on valuable tasks & roles. Marketing uses segmentation & email nurturing to draw enhanced numbers of prospects leading them to become paying customers.  Thereafter, Salesforce Small Business CRM enables the service team the option to increase value. 

For more information on Salesforce Essentials, contact us as SFDC partners to know more. We are only a call away. 


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Mohit Sharma

Mohit is Practice Lead, 15x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce trainer, blogger, writer, and full-time husband. With over 8 years of experience implementing Salesforce, and an obsession for innovation, ready to tackle any new project that comes his way.

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