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Salesforce Lightning Migration


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The CRM world has one prominent player, and that name is Salesforce. It has an expanding kitty of tools for businesses to drive productivity, efficiency, revenue, and customer delight. Annually at least 3 times Salesforce keeps introducing various updates and enhancements, with Salesforce Lightning having been one of them. In this blog, We compare the legacy Salesforce Classic and the upgraded Lightning instance, and which is better.

Salesforce Classic vs. Lightning: What Sets Them Apart?

Salesforce Classic, the original platform, has been serving companies for years. Over time with new advances and expectations surfaced and Salesforce heard the feedback. Then Salesforce Lightning was introduced as a modern, user-friendly interface that delivers a superior experience. It is vital to know the main differences between the two, such as UI/UX, personalisation options, performance, and comprehensive user satisfaction.

1. User Interface and Experience:

Salesforce Lightning has a modern interface that is aesthetic in appeal plus highly intuitive. The enhanced navigation & customizable homepage improve user experience, making it simpler for company staff to obtain important data quickly.

2. Personalisation and Flexibility:

Lightning takes personalisation to a higher level, providing many dynamic & flexible components unlike the Classic version. The Lightning App Builder  enables companies to curate customised apps and pages that are in sync with their unique processes.

3. Performance and Speed:

Lightning is streamlined for speed, allowing for a faster load times and enhanced productivity. Classic, unfortunately tends to have reduced load times and performance issues as data increase.

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning Migration

Some benefits of Salesforce Lightning migration include:

1. Improved Productivity:

With Lightning's enhanced navigation and customizable layouts, users can tasks done faster and more efficiently, impacting their productivity.

2. Actionable Insights:

Lightning's intuitive dashboards and reports offer actionable insights, allowing the management to make informed choices based on real-time & accurate data as well as take remedial action.

3. Integration Opportunities:

Lightning's architecture is curated to smoothly integrate with the expanding list of Salesforce products and third-party applications, allowing companies to come up with comprehensive solutions.

Why Partner with Codleo Consulting?

To undertake the Salesforce Lightning migration journey, the partnership of an experienced Salesforce consultant like Codleo makes the difference. And below is listed some of the reasons:

1. Expertise and Experience:

Codleo Consulting comes with a wealth of experience in Salesforce implementations and Salesforce Lightning migration. Our experienced and certified consultants are well versed with the nuances of Salesforce Lightning migration and design a customised roadmap for companies.

2. Strategic Planning:

From reviewing current business processes to building a Salesforce Lightning migration strategy, Codleo Consulting ensures that the Salesforce Lightning migration is in sync with business objectives and has minimal disruptions when being carried out.

3. Custom Development:

Codleo's developers can customise Lightning components to meet personalised business needs, enabling higher user adoption and increasing the advantages of the new interface.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Your Business:

Choosing between Salesforce Classic and Lightning is a no-brainer. The future is here and it is the Lightning version.  It has a more modern, user-centric approach that is ideal for companies in the 21st century. For a smooth as silk Salesforce Lightning migration, joining hands with a Salesforce consultant like Codleo Consulting is ideal. Embrace tomorrow with Salesforce Lightning and experience the difference right away.

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Mohit Sharma

Mohit is Practice Lead, 15x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce trainer, blogger, writer, and full-time husband. With over 8 years of experience implementing Salesforce, and an obsession for innovation, ready to tackle any new project that comes his way.

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