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With the need for a future-ready tech stack being understood, companies are looking to deploy super tools that guarantee productivity, efficiency, and enhanced ROI. But which tools should form a part of the tech stack especially when the budget of a business is minimal, considering the fears of a recession looms large over 2023? In this blog, we look at two essential cloud-based tools that are important for businesses, big or small. These two are the marketing cloud and the Salesforce sales cloud. Both clouds matter to the two departments that are responsible for driving the engine of growth for any firm. Let’s delve into the deep side, shall we?

Are both cloud tools similar?

Yes, it is because they have the genesis from the expanding universe of Salesforce. Therefore, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud cross paths. Their objective is to monitor prospects and drive them forward to being paying customers. The difference lies in their solutions focussing on distinct aspects of the customer journey.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a bouquet of features & studios such as social studio, journey builder, email studio, and data studio. For a business that needs to streamline the marketing of its wares, this Salesforce Marketing Cloud offering is just what the doctor ordered. This resource provides digital marketing automation & analytics software and services.

  • Social presence with Social Studio

  • Personalised outreach with Mobile studio

  • Great ideas with Advertising Studio

  • Manage contacts with the Contact builder

  • Optimise website with Web Studio

  • Analyse data with Analytics Builder

Salesforce Sales Cloud

This Salesforce Sales Cloud specialises in promoting the robustness of the sales team leading to an increase in sales and revenue generation. The unique features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud enable the curation of a streamlined sales process, give access to end-to-end details of all clients/leads, and provide holistic client communication via multiple channels. With a vast pool of information on each client, engagement with relevant and personalised content is enabled thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

  • Automated sales pipeline

  • Accountant and contact management

  • Opportunity and Product Management

  • Quotes and contract management

  • Email and website integration

  • Holistic management of all campaign

Which one do you need?

If your company is focused on revamping the sales process & pipelines to drive sales and enhance revenue, then you need the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

If your company is interested in giving your marketing team and marketing campaign a big boost with tech, then you know where to head.  It's time to onboard the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The one friend marketers love.

However, if you are looking for software that gives command over the lead generation and deal-closing processes, then you need to adopt both - Salesforce Sales Cloud + Salesforce Marketing Cloud = an unbeatable synced solution.


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