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If you are a retailer selling anything under the sun and yet not having a vibrant digital presence, then it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The era of shoppers pouring in to make a purchase has taken a massive beating. The digital era now demands for retailers to be tech savvy and have a significant online presence. And this is the topic of today’s blog as a Salesforce consultant. Shoppers are starting to browse online between different web options to find, price-compare, and purchase goods & services.  Nearly 60% of web orders are enabled by the brick and mortar store, a super in-store digital experience is now a mandate. Web & physical are coming together to offer a seamless shopping experience. Therefore, shopper journeys are becoming complicated. Shoppers expect the world from their preferred retailers with reference to convenience & choice says a Salesforce consultant.

How can the real store and its digital avatar be connected? Here are some of our suggestions as a Salesforce consultant:
  1. Digital tools to shop staff. To allow the staff to fulfil the many roles they perform in stores, staff must have access to information with simple digital devices. It could be tablets or even a cell phone, the staff can visit a CRM platform that contains the client profile populated with valuable information on shopping history, choices, demographic information, customer satisfaction score (CSAT), etc. This enables the staff to deliver customised service, update the client of discounts/schemes or offers, and be aware of the latest information & news that impacts their performance.

  2. Tool to manage inventory. Do you know what is a perfect mood killer? Walking into a store and finding out after much searching that your preferred item is not available or phased out.  Allow shop staff to sell goods and keep shoppers happy with a real-time view of store and inventory says a Salesforce consultant. Is the product not available in a particular outlet of a chain/brand? The staff can locate it at another chain outlet, buy it online for a client and have it delivered to the preferred address of the shopper.

I had a similar experience when I wanted to pick up a party shirt from a leading chain in Delhi, and the store I went to did not have it but the one in central Delhi did. However, in this case, I was advised to go to that store to pick it up myself.

  1. Digital payment options. People are relying more on digital payment options more than ever. Cheques are history and cash few keep them. Credit or debit cards, e-wallets, or “ buy now, pay later “ are becoming a norm. For more details, call a Codleo Salesforce consultant.

  2. Personalise the service mediums. Make your client service mediums personalised by fixing issues on digital platforms or recording client feedback for later use. Using chatbots to address mundane issues online / website during busy hours reveals a Salesforce consultant.

  3. Use Salesforce Retail Cloud. Get the staff to obtain a 360-degree view of all shoppers at every touchpoint of their journey. Customised & relevant experience and messaging to keep shoppers happy and purchasing on a regular basis. Implemented by a Salesforce consultant.


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Arun Jangra

Arun is a 5x Salesforce certified Developer with an overall work experience of 9 years. He is very organised and uses his skill set & knowledge to deliver out-of-box solutions.

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