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"It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right." – Quote by Mark Hunter. 

Sales personnel In recent times have their job cut out for them thanks to rapidly evolving scenarios in the 21st century, especially with regard to Covid – 19 pandemic. In such a scenario, they can do with the help of any good tech tool that will put the zing back into the sales lifecycle and in the lives of the sales team. One such great tool is the Sales Cloud by Salesforce universe. It is a tool that is just what is needed by the sales team to perform optimallyIn this blog, we read about how companies can achieve their business goals thanks to Sales Cloud. 

Here are some ways to achieve your goals with Sales Cloud: 

  • Customisation – The reason why Salesforce products are very popular and in demand by businesses of all shapes, natures, and sizes is the level of customization that can be undertaken. This applies to their Sales Cloud platform which has a high level of customization abilities with no parallels in the market.  Salesforce Sales Cloud with its customization features enables businesses to curate highly - customised, fine-tuned applications and interactive page layouts that meet the specific needs & goals of a business like yours. 

  • Automation of processes. One of the foremost advantages of a tool like the Sales Cloud is the ability to automate a wide range of mundane processes. This allows the employees / management to focus their important time and energy on important tasks that will drive sales and the engine of growth. It’s such a boon to free employees from mind numbing and mundane work processes & flows. They will thank you from the bottom of their heart.  This improves work efficiency and you get enhanced ROI. Salesforce Sales Cloud has many features to automate a multitude of tasks and business processes including pricing approvals, travel reports, record updates, and so on. 

  • Working smartly. Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) comes to the rescue of companies in the garb of Sales Cloud Einstein. Isn’t it great that now businesses have their own version of a data scientist to narrow potential leads, opportunities, insights, and how to work smarter with ease like never before? Einstein helps businesses such as yours by monitoring the hottest leads with the help of Einstein lead scoring as well as getting focused suggestions & advice based on the complete sales cycle. 

  • Sandboxes for testing workflows. The presence of sandboxes (copies of an org in a different environment ) helps businesses to test business workflow changes or customisations for daily operations before using them in real - time.  Testing any workflow ensures no hiccups while your Salesforce Sales Cloud org carries on functioning normally. Isn’t that a great tool? 

  • Get the help of an expert. Salesforce licensed and experienced partners enable businesses to leverage the various features & functions of the Sales Cloud to their advantage. Companies such as Codleo Consulting specialising in the Sales Cloud with their diverse bouquet of resources, support, and services help you in achieving your company goals with the least headache and challenges.

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Akansha is a Digital Consultant that having rich experience in SEO, PPC, eCommerce and Social Media Marketing. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning. She is a keen learner and feels it is important to keep yourself updated in the ever-evolving digital world.

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