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What do HDFC ERGO, Cigna Global, Allianz and AIA Group have in common? Any guesses? Those who answered that they are the leading players in the health insurance industry are bang on. The mentioned companies are the leading lights globally providing medical insurance to individuals like you and me. In fact, I am insured with a leading public sector insurance firm but as usual, the bureaucracy is rigid, and one must go through many hoops to claim reimbursements. Last year I got the reimbursement for my mother’s hospitalisation after a whooping few months with no pro-activeness by the insurer.

Here are a few ways that health insurers can lower costs & keep clients delighted as per Salesforce consulting partners:
  1. Keep information simple to understand. First, do away with the use of technical jargon that is described as “medicalese”. The more complex the terms and jargon, the more it converts into expenses for the medical insurance firms. If the details of the policy are not simple, it just means a heavy exchange of calls/emails to your customer support team etc. Their load of work means they cannot deliver quality & personalised care to the customer base. To up their game, health insurers need to digitalise their call or support centre, collate the different sources of data and work to obtain a 360 view of each client. A unified system is the panacea for all ills say Best Salesforce partners. No pun intended. It enables clear and detailed communication between the insurer and the client base to reveal Salesforce partners. Efficiency, communication, and productivity rise state Salesforce partners.

  2. Digitise the support contact centre. The contact centre is important in delivering customised support to clients’ demands. It’s the primary source of information and queries, knowledge on which procedures are covered and so on, and clarity on out-of-pocket expenses that can be incurred.  This is an opportunity to go the extra mile and provide them with ways to lower their expenses related to their specific health issues be it diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. Enabling the contact centre team with data allows them to better serve each insurance holder (or their kin) say Top Salesforce partners.  An end-to-end view of each client with real-time data allows for superior customer service that ensures client delight & loyalty. Codleo is among the leading Salesforce Platinum Partners.

  3. Self-help & chat options. People want access to information/data and to help themselves. They also want the option to chat with an agent rather than talk on the phone. If as a health insurance provider, you are not providing either or both, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. It's high time you had a resources section on the website that is easy to find, navigate and browse. Get a chat option integrated and reap the fruits say Best Salesforce Partners.

If you are a health insurance agency, public or privately owned, the above are key in keeping costs low and client delight high. For more consultancy and advice, Codleo - Salesforce Platinum Partner, is a call away.


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Shalini Sharma

Shalini heads pre-sales and the Human Resource Department with a focus on building processes, with a people-centred approach.

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