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Be positive and embrace opportunities


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Confidence is an attractive trait and separates the leaders from others in the pack. In this blog, we look at how all of us can become these confident men and women, to whom we all look up to and aspire to be. What does it take to develop a confident persona? Well, we have listed some habits that all of us can develop over time and become confident people who win friends & influence people. Let's read about these habits,  shall we?

Below are listed the top habits of confident personas/people:

  • Identify your purpose in life (professionally and personally). It is imperative that each one of us is self-aware, earlier the better. This awareness helps in identifying the goals/purpose in life. Once you have done it, your personality becomes confident as your life has a purpose. Life without purpose leaves you adrift and downcast as there is nothing to aim or look forward to.

  • Acknowledge your uniqueness as a person. By this, we mean that do not compare yourself to anyone. Your body and soul are unique with its own life journey. No two people and their paths are similar. By drawing Comparisons, leads to negative thoughts and reduces self-confidence. Instead, just compare yourself to "a version of yourself you aspire to be, a better self". That's all one needs to do.

  • Be solution focussed. Instead of concentrating energy on issues/ challenges and getting mentally bogged down, focus on finding answers and solutions. Overcoming challenges boost your self-confidence. The more problems you solve, the better you become as a leader/ manager and rise in the company.

  • Use your strengths to become a better professional. You become more confident if you use your strengths at work and in life. At the same time, you do need to reduce your weaknesses by working on them on a consistent basis.

  • Be action-oriented. Don't let fear deter you from taking action on any issue. The more you let it, the more it will undermine your self-worth and confidence. It will just make you a shell of what you are capable of.  More actions, lesser the negativity.

  • Invest in your appearance and health. As we all know, when we look good, we feel good.  This means taking care of health, appearance, apparel, and grooming. Dressing up smartly and well befitting the occasion, personal grooming, and hygiene boost confidence. Make sure you exercise daily for minimum of 30 minutes, trim your hair, use personal hygiene products like toothpaste, lip balm, deodorants as well as dress in smart, trendy, comfortable clothing as per weather, and purpose. Men need to match their socks, shoes, and belt colours.

  • Be positive. It's one life to live, you can choose to be optimistic and positive, or bitter and negative. Choose wisely.  Focus on what is good and working, instead of the lows and failures. Remember and concentrate on your achievements and strengths.

  • Be prepared. Always be in 'ready mode' to seize the opportunity when it presents itself to you. It could be studies, upskilling, reskilling, etc. Preparedness translates into confidence to take advantages of opportunities.

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Rahul is a seasoned consultant in travel, transport and hospitality sector subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience and constantly challenging himself to re-define travel distribution and channels, Dedicated Son, Love Nature and Politics both

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