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Regular Review of tech stacks is a must


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“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – Quote by David Warlick, an American educator, author, programmer, and public speaker. 

Every company / business big or small, family run or corporate needs to have a repertoire of tech & digital tools by their side. These tools are enablers and provide “much needed wind to the wings of these companies”.  21st century and beyond in the era of tech tools & apps which help us in improving work processes and simplify our lives, at the same time enhancing our ROI (Return on Investment).  It’s important for companies to take a stock of their tech stack / kitty every few months. This is important as new tech is flowing in constantly and existing tech becomes redundant. For example, satellite TV has given way to streaming platforms like Zee5 and Voot, what was good yesterday is not today.

Plus, a review is essential to see whether all our apps, tools are working in silos leading to inefficiency and wastage of time. And indeed, if they are, then it is important to get an integration platform (such as a CRM – customer relationship management tool) with which most (if not at all) tech tools being used can be integrated into one platform. Thus, a lot of back & forth and inaccurate data issue is addressed. This review can be carried out by the company’s own tech and management team or with the assistance of a professional vendor like Codleo Consulting. These vendors do a proper health check and based on precise needs suggest the appropriate tools for a company to adopt wholeheartedly.

The issue of integration of tools and apps was a big issue for many companies. With the same being addressed, companies need to look at tools that promote collaboration & internal communication. With physical distancing being the norm and “work from home” being an accepted part of corporate life, tools that enable team members to share, collaborate and work together are needed. So are project management tools needed for medium and large size companies. Tools which offer ‘internal chat’ options are great as they are not as disruptive as phone calls or zoom meetings. What do you say?

Companies that are expanding are the ones who have realised that they need to be masters of their game. This simply translates means which run well and have adopted the right tech tools to ensure the same. Tech tools expensive or otherwise are the much needed allies for companies who are looking to expand or seeking to enhance their financial bottom lines.

Mohit Sharma, Project Consultant for Codleo says “Salesforce CRM and their various cloud offerings are ideal for companies to scale and become efficient lean and mean machines. Codleo powers their companies to be the best in their field using the right tech stack”.

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