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Salesforce Lightning Migration


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Migrating from Salesforce Classic to the Lightning Experience is an important move that brings improved productivity, upgraded user experience, and superior data insights. However, with all technological deployment or changes, problems may crop up along the way. As experienced Salesforce Consulting Partners, we are here to talk about some common challenges businesses experience during Lightning migration as well as solutions that work.

Challenge 1: Low User adoption or rejection

Solution: It's always advisable to opt for comprehensive user training as well as change management strategies from your Salesforce consulting partners. Customised training sessions provided by Salesforce consulting partners are fun, hands-on, and relevant to deliver results. User adoption is no longer an issue in the business.

Challenge 2: Customisation and Integration:

Solution:  Get the Salesforce consulting partners to analyse the current customisations and integrations. A few unique components may require to be rebuilt or amended to match the Lightning's architecture. Use the services of Salesforce consulting partners.

Challenge 3: Data and Migration Complexities:

Solution: Before migrating, ensure all archaic/inaccurate and useless data is weeded out.  Use data migration tools or services for a smooth transfer of data. Check the data for accuracy post-migration to reduce issues later.

Challenge 4: Custom App Rebuilding:

Solution: Leverage Lightning App Builder via Salesforce consulting partners to redesign and optimise the user experience. Design Lightning pages and apps that showcase the upgraded interface and leverage Lightning's capabilities.

Challenge 5: Third-Party App Compatibility:

Solution: Engage with the third-party app providers to make sure that their solutions are Lightning-ready. If it’s not, find alternative Lightning-ready options or even opt for unique development to address the challenge.

Challenge 6: Performance and Enhancement issues:

Solution: Leverage Lightning's improved performance by customising the Lightning components and pages. Optimise processes, prevent wasteful data loading and use caching to deliver a seamless user experience.

Challenge 7: Custom Styling and Branding:

Solution: While Lightning delivers a superior look, branding may need adjustments say Salesforce consulting partners. Get Salesforce consulting partners to sync Lightning's interface with your company branding guidelines, if any.

Challenge 8: Mobile Responsiveness:

Solution: Lightning is specially built for cell phone responsiveness. It’s advisable to review and adjust any unique components or layouts that may not be in consonance with cell phones, etc. This delivers a smooth experience across different devices.

Challenge 9: Communication silos and silences

Solution: Keep everyone in the loop with constant messaging and updates, with many tools now available. No substitute for simple, concise and clear messaging, verbal or written.

It’s clear that the move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience presents hiccups and bumps, but thanks to well-crafted strategies and support, they can be overcome. Codleo Consulting, as a preferred Salesforce Partner, is ideal to handle any and every challenge, leading to a smooth migration. Welcome the future of CRM with Salesforce Lightning and embrace the many new opportunities for growth, productivity, and client delight.

Ready to start your Lightning migration? Contact Codleo Consulting today and begin the journey that will make your business future ready. At Codleo Consulting - leaders as Salesforce consulting partners, we see each challenge as an opportunity.

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