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2021 social media trends


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Social media is the rage and the need of the hour for all of us and businesses, in a two-part blog, we shall look at the top trends which are shaping social media for the years to come. We hope that as a business you can use these trends to whip up your bottom lines and get ahead of the competition. So let's look at the trends in detail.

Let's look at the top trends for social media for 2021:

  • Social Selling – Since the various forms of social media are being used by most people, businesses are seeing it as an additional sales tool in their kitty. Social insights and online intelligence come together to give strong sales leads. For a business, it is best, to begin with using sales tools in combination with social media management software features. This enables creating sales workflows in line with a social media blitz.

  • Using social influencers – Social media influencers especially micro-influencers who have a limited fan base and appeal can connect with their fan base on personal levels. These men and women are seen as being more approachable and authentic. Tiktok videos have been a great way for these micro-influencers to build fan bases of lakhs and thousands. The era of social influencers and using their power to enhance brands is a new trend.

  • User-generated content – As the trust factor diminishes the feedback from other customers/prospects for a business selling a commodity or a service is a top trend notice in the past few years. For example, the comments made by clients on Amazon on various products purchased tend to influence other prospects. Hence use the feedback received and leverage it extensively. Encourage clients to send their feedbacks and use the filtered ones for social media promotion. As others read about your products through the feedback of former clientele, it builds trust and value.

  • Live streaming content – Use the live streaming option to connect with audiences and build a rapport. Live streaming means different things for different businesses. For example, if you make products, you could do a show on how they are made in the factory.  Live streaming is fun and engages with younger audiences. Another example is to do a small tour of your office or factory premises. A survey revealed 80% of customers prefer live stream options as compared to written content. Instagram videos are more powerful than images. Use live stream a lot.

  • Ephemeral content – It refers to social media content which has an expiry date. Two examples of which are Facebook My Days and Instagram Stories. For businesses, such content is great as it compels audiences to visit your social media channels to read those posts as they are on a time limit. Thus they enable the quick response a business needs to thrive on.

This is the first part of our two blog series on social trends. Look out for the next one which has some more exciting trends for all of you.

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