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The Leading CRM Trends For 2022


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Let's look at the hottest trends for the CRM industry for 2022 and beyond in this blog of today. This compilation is as per our understanding and may not contain other trends that are known to you. So if you have helpful information, do share it with us. We are happy to incorporate the same with our growing band of readers. Let's get down to it, shall we? 

These are the hottest CRM trends for 2022: 

  • Artificial Intelligence. The adding of AI is such a boost for CRM. Artificial Intelligence refers to the concept where machines “think like human beings”.  Machines are able to perform tasks like reasoning, planning, learning, and understanding language.  It works on a technology known as “machine learning”. Machine learning is the concept of having computers learn from data with minimal programming. This is not to say that AI is going to replace humans and their brains anytime soon.  It just makes our jobs easier and productive.  Artificial Intelligence or AI will be commonplace in our work lives and everyday experience is it in the workflow, process automation, guided selling, customer communication, and customer data platforms, AI will be everywhere.  

  • Self-serve option. Consumers are now comfortable and seek self options in this digital age.  Self-service lets lead / clients get useful product information, undertake troubleshooting work, and manage account administrative functions as per their convenience.  The self-service option is a great alternative to call centres or even on-site technicians.  

  • Integration. In order to get a holistic/wholesome view of each client, their history, and their journey with you, it is important to get data from other sources. Linking these sources/apps with your CRM is called integration. Good CRMs like Salesforce have strong tools and APIs that can minimize the time & effort taken to collate data from all sources in one unified place. The linking of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide proactive maintenance and support information to their customers, collate insights about client choices, and dispatch relevant messaging, etc is taking place currently and will gain momentum over time. 

  • Analytics. The parking of valuable data from all sources is just the beginning. Using the data to draw insightful inferences to take proactive or corrective action is the second.  CRM has enhanced its capabilities and thus gaining valuable inferences from CRM data easy.  Robust tools in CRMs allow wholesome data analysis and this will be a hot trend in years to come including 2022. 

  • Increasing use of cell phones. The age of mobile phones has dawned upon all of us. Most brands will have to be mobile friendly with CTA and engagement with clients on them. CRMs that are mobile-friendly and allow users to use them anywhere and anytime are the order of the day. Sales, marketing, and customer departments require empowerment to make their life easier by accessing data via their cell phones.  

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